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Have you told Mom yet ? My giggle for the week

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To start off ST my week has been awful.

I have tense chest pain , lack of taste and random numbness. We bit the bullet Wednesday and went to urgent Care. I thought they'd maybe do some questions etc but nope straight to an EKG . Came out ok but my blood pressure is apparently through the roof

While the doctor advised going to the ER we went against it. It's probably random stress and I'd frankly rather die than go to the ER without insurance

DH finally got his car fixed last week. He comes home today and it. Frigging. Dies. So that happy patch of having my car being kid free is dead on arrival

Now for my step related fun. SD6 is over and talking about my sister's Halloween wedding "does Mom know?'

I almost died. Because we literally tell her mum every while her mum prefers to just tell the kids first.

I laughed and did a mildly not nice thing. Kid your mom ALWAYS knows when we have plans with you. Always before you do. I wish it was mutual

She also commented on my dark under eyes . I kept it to myself and said " one for BM the other for you too"

All those on a stepkid weekend, let's do this !

Also PS from my other blogs : today DH revealed BMs hair is actually brunette. I'm naturally blond and the kids have some weird stuff on hair because they are both dark haired. Enjoy your weird narcissism



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Please be careful.  

Less than ideal but there are ways to deal with large medical bills.  There are resources available.

It can be very overwhelming to think about the potential cost but don't put such a small value on your life.

Hypertensive crisis can have some serious life long consequences.  At the very least, keep monitoring it, even if it means stopping at the pharmacy every day to do it.


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Thank you so much for your concern ! I'm ok but it's likely just stress and I'm a little too young for a heart attack or anything too major. My DH has been amazing about it all. 

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I think that doctors would disagree with the too young. While it may be unusual to your age, it is possible. Hypertension can lead to strokes. A child in the local elementary school had a stroke at the age of six. Untreated hypertension has in some studies been linked to the development of dementia. 

I hope they sent you home with meds and a referral to a clinic that offers income based care.

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As someone who, thankfully, has no lasting effects from a cryptic stroke before the age of 35, I cannot stress enough how serious hypertensive crisis can be.  Perhaps more so in younger, otherwise healthy, people due to assumptions of age being on your side. 

My health was picture perfect all of my life.  Until my stroke woke me up in the middle of the night.  It was minor, I literally walked myself into the ER.  Intake thought my symptoms were some sort of allergic reaction.  The tip off?  My normally very regular blood pressure was through the roof.  They kept me in the hospital for a week despite the fact that my symptoms had fully abated within the hour before the scans were back.  I was too young, too healthy, for there to be clouding on the film.  They were all flabbergasted.  I saw, and continue to see, more specialists than I could have imagined.

While I have no lasting physical effects, and several years later the specialists can't figure out what did it, the two tiny clouds on my scan mean the rest of my life will be very different from someone without them.

I had a headache earlier that week.  I brushed it off as nothing serious, thought maybe I was unlucky enough to start experiencing migraines.  Took some OTC medication that just kind of dulled the pain.  My BP was a little high for me, I assumed from the pain, but not even registering pre-hypertension levels never mind crisis levels.  Stroke was nowhere near being on the radar.  I was 34.

Your symptoms sound like a TIA.

That may never escalate into something with permanent damage, even without change.  But please don't take the risk.