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Still waiting on BM

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She filed her own paternity packet almost a week ago, and we still haven't been served with the papers yet. I'm starting to think that either the fee deterred her or she was too dumb to realize she needs to go to the sheriff's department to pay them $40 to have them serve DH with the papers. Either way it's starting to look like nothing's going to happen because she only has two more days to contest and we definitely should've gotten something by now. So if we haven't gotten anything by Wednesday then DH will call the courthouse to see what to do next. 

In other news DH got a job (praise God), and I have felt my stress levels siginificantly decrease. He actually told me he likes the job, which shocked me because he's working for a cleaning service and he hates doing that. But he worked all day Sunday and he came home happy, so I'm happy.