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More crazy texts from BM

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DH and I went out of town this past weekend, so he texted BM to ask if he could get SS next weekend. We would have gladly taken SS with us, but BM has made it clear that she won't allow that. She responded by reminding him that he's only allowed to get SS every other weekend. Trial is still months away so these are her rules. DH responded by telling her that he never agreed to every other weekend, and that BM needs to stop keeping SS from him whenever she feels like it. 

BM then told him that he can see SS whenever he wants, and that it's his fault for not making the effort. I'm sorry, what?? She has repeatedly told him that he can only have SS every other weekend, and that's the parenting plan she filed with the court. Also, whenever he's tried to get SS during the week she'll flat out tell him no. She says things like, "It's not your time to have him" like a CO has already been established. 

In the text conversation she also mentioned that she wants timesharing to be as equal as possible, but that DH can't even do the simple things she's asked him to so that's on him. Simple things like getting into a larger apartment or house, buying another car, changing his work schedule...

Side note our lease is up in March and we're pre-approved for a mortgage, but of course she doesn't know that. 


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Yes, she was basically telling him that he would have gotten SS on the weekend that we went out of town since it wasn't his weekend. Sorry I didn't make that clear!

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She is just miserable and trying to be in control. She cannot dictate where you live either.

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It will be a lot easier that way.  It will give SM nothing to try to control.  If you go away on non SK weekend it's SK lost because of BM.