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a little update

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DH had a job interview today that went really well. He also got a phone call from another company that he applied to, as well as an interview scheduled for Sunday. I'm very hopeful about all of this, because I know DH is a hard worker when he wants to be. I am trying so hard to wait things out and not get swallowed up by resentment though, because DH keeps making comments like, "Well, it's a good job, but I don't know if it's really what I want to do." I know he won't turn the job down (if he gets it) because of all of the threats I've made regarding selling his motorcycle, but I just wish he was taking this as seriously as I am. 

BM was feeling nice yesterday so she invited DH to SS's birthday party that's happening in a little over a week. Thankfully I didn't need to tell DH not to go, he told BM no all on his own like a big boy. Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in that movie 13 going on 30, except my DH is the 13 year old in the adult's body. 


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He hates his car so he would probably be happy about that lol... no I hold the motorcycle over his head because he loves that thing but he knows it isn't a necessity and I have no problem selling it. 

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Poor work history and picky about what he wants to do. He's out of the house and not allowed back until he can get his life together and help out paying some bills (and a lot more than just that). I hope it works out for y'all.

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He will just have to take a job that he doesn't really want to do (like most of us) and while working said job, he can continue to look for something he does want to do.

My DH got laid off years ago, due to his place of employment closing, and it took awhile for him to land his current job (that he likes) but he did work jobs that he didn't like in the meantime. It's called LIFE.

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Exactly. I used to say this to him a lot before I realized it really wasn't getting through.