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Just venting

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I am beyond pissed. BM decided to leave SS4 with her dad while she went to work. By the time DH got off work at 8 and went to pick up SS, "grandpa" (in quotes because he is an awful grandpa) was very upset that he had had to watch SS for so long. Four hours, I'm crying for you. Piece of sh*t. DH shows up and SS is saying over and over "I'm hungry" because apparently GRANDPA didn't have the time to make the kid dinner. AND the POS had the f*cking audacity to be pissed at DH for being so late. I'm so sorry your POS hateful daughter forced you to watch such a burden of a child. She would rather an incompetent moron watch her child, someone who can't even microwave him a hot pocket, than someone who cares about and would absolutely make sure he's fed and safe (aka me). 

Btw, I know "grandpa" has hot pockets, frozen chicken nuggets, and frozen fish sticks at his house because since mommy dearest cant buy groceries DH and I have been doing it. 


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No more buying groceries if he isn't going to feed the child.

Your dh needs to get proper, court ordered visitation set up to put all this nonsense to an end. 

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Oh trust me after this BS we'll be filing paternity and timesharing and all that as soon as we get the paperwork filled out. 

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Your DH should have shut down grandpa immediately with the “Oh Bob! You know if you ever have a tough time or need LadyBug to come get him for you, she will! It’s no problem at all. Do you need her number?...” Ole gramps can either shut up or take up the offer in which case win-win. 

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Yeah, seriously. BM didn't even tell us about it, GBM had to. GBM told us she "couldn't afford to buy food" when SS was at GBMs house. So DH and I started doing it. We don't buy groceries for BMs house, just GBM. Trust me I know the situation is messed up .

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Buying food for BM... yikes. Does your DH pay CS? I hope he’s planning on filing for custody, or more time at minimum. Does BM live with her parents? Do none of them have money for food? This is really messed up.  I wouldn’t want my skids to go hungry, but is there proof she has no money to eat? Or is this a scam for more money out of your DH? I’d be inclined to believe the latter. 

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He doesn't pay CS. We have SS every night during the week as soon as DH gets off work, and we have him every weekend. BM doesn't live with her parents but she makes them watch SS when she doesn't feel like doing it, which is almost all the time. Her parents aren't very wealthy and they have a lot of medical expenses, so for a while BM was buying food for SS when he would stay at GBM's house. Then her work cut her hours so she stopped buying him food. She didn't tell us, GBM had to because she couldn't feed SS when he was with her. BM doesn't want the responsibility of a child, she just likes dressing him up and posting pictures on FB.

So it could be a scam to get money out of DH, but we can't be sure. We buy the food and drop it off, so it's not like we're handing them money. When we file for paternity and all that we're going to request that SS stay with us more. I work from home three days a week so I could take care of him those three days so we don't have to worry about whether or not he's being fed. The other two days I want to put him in daycare. 


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Wow.... At what point will people stop seeing children as possesions and let them be cared for by the parent that can actually support them. She could go down to one night a week or something to still be involved in his life but not have the totaly financial burder that children in general are. Of course that would mean swallowing her pride and doing what is best for the kid... 

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She barely even sees him now, she just expects her family to watch him all the time. I could watch him a lot more often so they wouldn't have to but like I said she hates me. DH once asked her what will happen when her mom dies (her mom has a ton of medical issues and is in and out of the hospital all the time), and BM literally told him she would quit her job to watch SS instead of letting me do it. Highly unlikely, since she doesn't even watch him now when she isn't at work, but it just shows how stupid she is. She can't even afford a child now, let alone if she quit her job out of spite. 

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You are angry at the wrong person.
Grandpa Horrible does not have to watch SS or take care of him.
He has every right to complain.
I am not advocating neglect, but Grandpa is not responsible your SS.
The focus of all round anger should be BM..

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I know grandpa really isn't to blame, I'm mostly just mad that someone would agree to watch a four year old and then not even have the decency to feed him when he's hungry. Especially since there is food for SS at grandpa's house, which DH and I bought. 

None of BMs family ever tells her no and then they take it out on DH and SS ends up suffering too. They're a bunch of children. 

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Grandpa shouldn’t have said yes to watching a 4 year old CHILD of he wasn’t going to take proper care of him. Be salty at your daughter all you want but treat that YOUNG baby  right when they did nothing wrong and didn’t ask to be in this situation! So yes, it is grandpas fault.