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Just had the best weekend

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Started off with DH picking up SS Friday night. She wasn't home so he had to wait, and when she finally showed up she demanded he talk to her about court. He wouldn't, as he's always told her, so he got SS's shoes on and went to leave. BM shoved him on his way out, so he'll be meeting her public places to exchange SS from now on. 

DH had to work all weekend (unexpectedly), so I got to take SS to a bunch of fun places. We went to the park with my SIL, BIL, and their two daughters, and we went to the beach. Not a single peep from BM all weekend, and SS barely mentioned her either. 

This morning when DH went to drop SS off BM wasn't home, so SS went to his aunt's house. Other than DH working, this is something I could get used to. 


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He should never, ever be alone with her. Don't be surprised if that part about her shoving him becomes him shoving her. 

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They weren't alone, her sister and her sister's fiance were standing in the same room. They both asked her what the hell was wrong with her. So we're not worried about her changing the story, we're worried that she can't keep her anger in check even with witnesses around. She tried to hit him while on her motorcycle once. A public place may be safer, although it may not be. 

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That's good there were witnesses. He really should consider a restraining order if she puts hands on him again.  That way it's clear when she tries to turn it around on him in the future, who the real aggressor is.  Men don't want to take that stuff seriously, but he should.

If he had shoved her, you know the cops would have been called.