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Counting the days until court

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In other news BM is crazy and I don't understand how she can be so delusional. I might be the only person who is interested by her behavior, but it just boggles my mind so much I can't help but post about it. 

DH went six weeks without seeing SS because BM is bitter, crazy, controlling, etc. He was finally able to get SS this past weekend (after the magistrate threatened BM), and we had a great time together. Of course BM insisted that she get a phone call from SS every night before bed, which is something she has never done (and probably will never do) for DH. 

The last text message conversation DH had with BM before she agreed to let him have SS for the weekend she sarcastically called him an amazing father, and berated him for not caring about his son. The son she kept from him for six weeks, with him weekly texting her and asking to see SS. 

Thankfully both DH and BM have decided to meet at a McDonalds inbetween our houses. BM doesn't want to come to our house and risk seeing me, and BM threatened DH with trespassing if he ever went back to her sister's house. So on Friday afternoon, DH went to pick SS up. BM started arguing with him in the parking lot that he needed to give her all of SS's clothes back that she bought him. This is probably the 15th time she's brought this up and tried to start a fight. Every single time DH reminds her that she has clothes at her sister's house that we bought for SS. He told her that he'll trade the clothes, but that it's ridiculous to for her to demand clothes back when she won't give us ours back..

Friday night when DH called BM to let SS say goodnight, BM was gaggable. "MY BABYY!! MUAH MUAH MUAH I love you so much sunshine how ARE you??? Are you having fun? I miss you so much baby. Sweet dreams sunshine, I love you." Even if I didn't know how insane she was it would still be gross. Did I mention she dropped SS off with three different over-the-counter meds because he had a slight cough?? 

Saturday night we had plans, and while we were out DH got a text from BM. She texted, "Take SS to the mall, kids are trick or treating atm." He showed me the text because he honestly couldn't figure out why she was texting him that. I reminded him how controlling she is. It's his time with SS, yet she needs to control as much of that time as possible. Not to mention, she probably knew that kids were trick or treating at the mall at that moment because she was there. As much as she says she hates DH, she seems to want to spend a lot of time with him still. Thankfully he ignored the text and she never followed up. 

Sunday night DH called her again so SS could say goodnight, and it was a 180 from Friday night. No screaming, no kissy noises, no gross, overbearing mommy garbage. Literally, "Hi sunshine, are you getting ready for bed? I love you, sweet dreams," *click* Her voice sounded dead-pan and she hung up before SS could even respond to her, which upset him for a minute. 

Monday morning DH dropped SS off and he told me it went perfectly. BM didn't say a word to him and he didn't say a word to her. Couldn't have gone better if you ask me. 


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Sounds like BM got laid somewhere between Saturday night and Sunday night. LOL

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That's what I'm thinking! BioHo was always SO much nicer when a) she wanted DH to take the skids so she could go out and get laid or b) she'd recently gotten laid.

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sounds like the Girhippo until she decided to online search for replacement ATM, errrr I mean replacement daddy.

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What is it with BMs and clothes? I think it must be a really good controlling tool because it comes up again and again on here. We used to have the issue as well; the girls would be sent to us in clothes which didn't fit or were worn out  and say that mom said dad needed to buy them something new 'because mommy can't afford it'. What mommy was doing with the £1200 maintenance a month I'm not sure. Actually I was disappearing in the bottom of a bottle. If we bought them decent clothes we never saw them again so eventually we learned to buy clothes, keep them here and they had to get changed to go home. 

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Recently our HCBM said we needed to have everything SD needed at our house too.  Meaning a 2nd set of clothes/sports stuff/etc.  Well we bought the first set of sports supplies even though BM is the one constantly signing her up but BM refused to bring it to her practices/etc.  DH just told her if you don't give it to SD when you drop her off to me or bring it to the practice I just won't take SD to practice.  Shut that down real quick.  

I used to buy SD all kinds of cute clothes and once they left my home they were never seen again.  I'm not buying her a wardrobe for my home.  If BM stops sending her stuff I will give her some of my pajamas for the night and wash her clothes and send her back in them.  BM wanted to be the primary/residential parenting.  DH pays CS.  She can suck it.  We are not required to have all the same stuff at our house and pay for it at BM's house too!

Oh and my BM sounds exactly like this OP's with the nonsense and control.  Thankfully DH stopped responding to her unless it regards pick up/drop off and it has been so much more peaceful!  BM still sends him multiple messages that he just ignores.  I don't understand how BM's live in bf doesn't find it weird that she is still so obsessed with DH and our home!

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That's what we had to start doing. Early on, BM was perfectly fine with clothing getting swapped from house to house, but at some point she decided it wasn't okay (but only with clothes SHE bought). Now we're very careful not to send SS back to her house wearing anything but what he was dropped off in.