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BM's family might be worse than she is

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DH texted BM a few days ago to ask if he could take SS to his mom's house this weekend. MIL lives almost three hours away, so DH decided it would be a good idea to get BM's permission before taking SS there just in case BM decided she wasn't okay with it while he was already at MIL's house. Just to make things easier. 

BM didn't text back, so DH assumed that it would be a no. DH ran into BM, SS, and BM's sister the other day and he stopped to give SS a hug and tell him that he loves him. BM was fine with it, and she asked him about where his mom is living now, and she started to say that she would be okay with him taking SS there, but then the sister (MegaB*tch) interrupted and tried to get BM to say no. 

According to DH, the sister started saying stuff like, "Why are you even talking to him? Let's just go, ignore him." Come on. DH happened to see his son in public so he stopped like any normal parent would. BM initiated a conversation with HIM, and the sister got all flustered that BM would talk to DH. 

This is the same sister who allegedly sent DH a picture of BM's last boyfriend's mugshot just to cause drama. Also the same sister who snitched that I was over at her mom's house dropping off food for SS when BM couldn't afford to buy anything. Again, just to cause drama. The sister is actually older than BM but she acts way more immature, to the point where I think she may be the main negative influence on BM and her decision-making. 

Occasionally BM will seem rational and reasonable, but when her sister is involved she turns into a lunatic. I can't imagine someone crazier than BM is, but I think her sister might be.

One of her other sister's (the one she lives with) actually seems like she can't stand BM. She seems to like DH, for the most part, but she stays out of their business. Her other two sister's are also batsh*t crazy as far as I know. 


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Why does your DH need BM's permission to take his child to visit Grandma? As long as it's not like, crossing state lines or something and as long as it's on DH's day?

He shouldn't even have brought it up.

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Exactly. The chances of her finding out are slim, but if DH does anything out of the ordinary without BM's permission it could get really ugly. Once we have a CO he won't ask her permission for sh*t LOL