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More crazy texts from BM

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DH and I went out of town this past weekend, so he texted BM to ask if he could get SS next weekend. We would have gladly taken SS with us, but BM has made it clear that she won't allow that. She responded by reminding him that he's only allowed to get SS every other weekend. Trial is still months away so these are her rules. DH responded by telling her that he never agreed to every other weekend, and that BM needs to stop keeping SS from him whenever she feels like it. 

BM is NOT willing to compromise (who would've thought?)

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After my last blog post, I told DH about some of you giving the advice of telling BM to send over her timesharing ideas. He did, and boy did it go horribly. First BM demanded that they meet in person this weekend because she was going to write up the talking points (*vomit*). Then when he repeated that he preferred to just text, she called him "immature and retarded." Isn't she lovely? 

BM sounds willing to compromise... how sweet.

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If you aren't familiar with my situation, BM is a total nut-job. DH and her were never married, so he was constantly at her whim for seeing SS. They had a verbal agreement that he would see SS every weekend from Friday afternoon to Monday morning. Occasionally BM would change the plan last minute (literally DH would get a text "I'm five minutes away from your house, put SS's shoes on"). 

Counting the days until court

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In other news BM is crazy and I don't understand how she can be so delusional. I might be the only person who is interested by her behavior, but it just boggles my mind so much I can't help but post about it. 

DH went six weeks without seeing SS because BM is bitter, crazy, controlling, etc. He was finally able to get SS this past weekend (after the magistrate threatened BM), and we had a great time together. Of course BM insisted that she get a phone call from SS every night before bed, which is something she has never done (and probably will never do) for DH. 

DH doesn't want to work but wants to spend money

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I've seen the warning signs for a while but I'm kicking myself for being so stupid. When DH and I were dating he lied about his work history. Not huge lies, but small enough that I didn't realize he jumped from job to job every few months. He said things like, "I've worked at such and such a place for three years," when in reality he had technically worked there for three years, just not consecutively. As far as I can tell he's never held the same job for more than a year at a time. 

Case Management Conference

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DH went to the case management conference today and it went so well. We got a trial date, which isn't until February, but it's a start. The magistrate asked BM why DH hasn't been able to see SS in over a month, and BM's response was "We have different opinions on things." Not sure what that even means lol. The magistrate then told her that if DH doesn't get to see SS before trial that was unacceptable and the conversation would look very different in February. Before DH even got home BM had texted him that he can have SS this weekend.

Nothing good ever comes from going to her house!!!

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This is just a rant because I’m so pissed off right now. Early this morning, after I had gotten to work, DH decided he would go to BM’s sister’s house (where BM is currently living) to see if he could see SS for a few minutes. Due to BM being massively bitter over court we haven’t seen SS in over a month. DH got there right before BM was leaving to take SS to school. They talked for a second and she actually seemed reasonable about letting DH get SS this weekend.


Mediation tomorrow

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I haven't been on here for a while because things with BM have been relatively quiet. She has almost completely kept to her word that DH wouldn't see SS until a parenting plan was finalized. He goes to court ordered mediation tomorrow to try and "compromise" with her, but he's already prepared for her to lose her sh*t on him like usual. She was fine with DH having 50% visitation until he filed paperwork, and then she decided she only wanted him to see SS twice a month. She thinks because she's the mom she's entitled to whatever she wants.