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Weekly Update

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Camping weekend was fantastic. Got all of my gear out and I know I packed way too much. The weather was SO cool in the mountains. I had packed a battery operated fan - never needed it.

This group of women I camped with is part of a nation-wide hiking organization for women who are curvy and not into hiking far or fast. Not quite slugs or sloths, but women who take their time and no one is left behind.

Of the 28 or so women there, a group of about 6 of us bonded. I think I met my human "spirit animal" in an older widow whose life stories were so spicy and wild, she had me in stitches. She lives about an hour away from me and we've agreed to meet for some biking adventures. I met a lovely lady in Delaware - cheeky. A mom and daughter from New Jersey. And a couple women who live very close to where I am now, who have said they'd love to get together for some hiking.

We took a guided tour of Herbert Hoover's (did you know he and his wife were quite the humanitarians?) mountain retreat and followed that up with a hike down to a waterfall. I'm not nimble and I admire people who are sure-footed. I also have a knee that likes to buckle on me, so I pick my way down hiking trails very carefully. It takes me a long time, but the ladies were so patient and lovely. With all I have going on this summer, the last thing I need is to trip and sprain an ankle or break a wrist. Going uphill is a cardio workout, but I was much more confident going uphill. However, I now need to shop for new hiking boots. I bought my size and I love these boots, but the toe box is too tight and my toes were killing me after this one hike. I'll be going back to the same campground in August, so I'll be scheduling a fitting, soon. I'm at the upper end in women's sizes so there really aren't any 1/2 sizes. I may have to try a men's boot.

We met a through hiker on the AT who posed for a picture with us, but he also asked us to not post on social media for at least 3 days and not say which direction he was headed towards. We're quite sure he's on the run or hiding from someone. LOL

I left early Sunday morning and drove up Skyline Drive, stopping at many of the overlooks. The views and wild cloud formations were impressive.

All of my close friends are scattered all over the place. One is in the Caribbean. One is in California. One is in New York. The last one is in Montreal. But we'll all come together in 2 weeks for a cycling event with a larger contingent of my friend group.

Next weekend, my DD30 is flying to Japan to meet up with her boyfriend who arrived there yesterday. She'll be gone 2 weeks. I think we both need a break from each other.

Her father called me a few days ago to ask WTF is her problem. She's been calling him and trashing me and her job. He said he noticed a change about 6 weeks ago, and I couldn't agree more. I know it's tough not having your own place, having a long work day (9 hours) and a 1 hour commute each way while your boyfriend lives an hour away in the other direction, but she's been a giant turd to me. Her father was kind enough to say that he knows she's full of it (with regard to me) and that she sounds like an entitled brat. And she's daddy's little princess! LOL He's most upset about her crappy attitude with her job. She's only been there 3 months and is taking a 2 week vacation, already. She has nothing nice to say about them despite them paying her well and being very good to her. He's disappointed in her. I told him that her boyfriend is a bit of a "little princess" and I think he's rubbing off on her. It will be interesting to see how she feels after spending 2 weeks with him in Japan. It's said you really get to know someone when you travel with them.

I sat her down last night and let her know how her attitude has been hurtful. I told her I understand that her life isn't the way she wants it right now, and when she's ready to move out, she'll have my blessing, but she will have to pack up ALL of her stuff and take it with her. I am not willing to store it here. She said she understood and we declared a sort of truce. I really don't get her griping about me. I ask very little of her, don't nag her and she has the house to herself more than I am here.

If you've read this far, I'm impressed. I know my updates aren't generally interesting to most, so if you've gotten this far, thanks for reading.

No word from the much younger man, and that's a relief. Hopefully he knows that he needs to look elsewhere for his summer fling.

Mr. Cutie Pie has been good about reaching out. We're having dinner Thursday night.

Mr. Allergic to Cats (not XBF, Harry) was VERY communicative this weekend. I didn't have good cell signal, but when I got signal, my phone would light up. I'll see him on Father's Day for a concert in the park. He's a very nice man. We talked on the phone yesterday for a couple of hours.

Thanks for reading.



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I'm so jealous of your hiking trips! As far as DD, well, there's a reason kids move out and get their own places. Sounds like it's time for her to spread her wings! Hopefully she will be more appreciative with some space. After i moved out and especially after experience with my own kids and with SO's, the things i used to complain about with my mom all make sense. No wonder she wanted us (me and my kids) out after our few short move-backs (divorce and natural disaster!) 

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What's stopping you from hiking?

DD30 has only been with me since October of 2023 after living on her own since leaving college, so it must feel like a setback to her. She's trying to save funds and pay down her car loan before moving out at the end of the year.

It's very unpleasant living with her since she started working. She was easier to live with before she starting working. I guess the long days and the commute are getting to her.

I understand, and when she's ready to get her own place, I'll be a-okay with it.

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I live in a Deep South swamp state, so the heat is putting a damper on things, but i recently hiked the Oregon coast including the redwoods and it was amazing! 

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I'm so glad I found them. Hiking is a different workout from cycling, but the hiking really helps the cycling.

I need to get moving more. I'm glad I've dropped some pounds, but I'm far from my goal.

If you ever want to know the name of the group, just message me...assuming you're interested in hiking. Smile

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Is your daughter paying rent? Her going on to her father is very telling - she hasnt had it rough enough yet. Shes not appreciating what shes got, which is a LOT.

So, she will need to fly around a bit, and see how the world is and get kicked around a little bit, and she will think back on her gripes and hopefully that lightbulb will go off and she will start to appreciate how good she has it with you.

YAY on the hiking and biking. Ive not gone out at all these past few months Ive been working on my backyard, and different other things...bascally ive been talking myself out of it..."oh its too late in the day, oh Im not in good enough shape..." So you are inspiring me, keep posting these! 


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Aren't you a hiker? What kind of shoes/boots do you wear? I'm looking for a decent pair with a larger toe box.

I always enjoyed it when you'd eff off for the day to walk near the coast. Smile

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/i like them, they are a bit stiffer and more supportive on the ankles and arches.

Im going to have to start doing that again!

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I currently have two pair of Vasque hiking boots. They are also quite stiff and I prefer that for ankle stability. I wear size 11 shoes and my boots are size 11. They don't make 12s or 1/2 sizes. So, I guess I'll have to try men's hiking boots.

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I've got Zamberlain boots for more heavy duty hiking with heavier pack, etc. I find the toe box and width to be wider (I've got wide feet). They've been excellent and I've put many km's on them Smile they are on the stiff side as well. Having said that I never had to break them in. They were perfect to hike in since day 1.

Water has never gotten in. My feet feel so sheltered from the elements when I'm wearing them. They are a bit heavy though, I find. They're also good for winter camping etc. Honestly I feel like they will last forever even though they are all scratched up.. They will never die lol. They are amazing

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Product recs - thank you - getting more and more inspired Biggrin

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DANG!! Expensive and they only go up to size 11. Womp Womp. I'm going to have to go to REI and get fitted...and likely bump up to a men's size. Or, maybe try their 11 and see if it's better.

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My current hiking boots are Salomon.  Extremely comfortable and very supportive.  Waterproof with mesh panels so they are reasonably warm in the winter and reasonably cool in the summer.

I have had a couple pairs of Vasgue boots that I enjoyed. Probably my favorite, though long retired and gone, are Lowa.

For hiking shoes, I have a pair of Keens that are outstanding. I was a Merril Moab Ventilator guy for years but the toe box on the Keens makes them far more comfortable.

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I get to live vicariously through you. I have bad knees that buckle myself so you've inspired me to maybe try some biking. Need to  help my 40+ year old self back to a healthier setting. Loved that you had a good hiking trip and interested to hear what happens with Mr. Allergic and Senor Cutie Pie. 

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It's funny you call him Senor Cutie Pie. He speaks fluent Spanish and was born in Spain, but he doesn't look Spanish.

I haven't heard from any of the "boys" today, but I'm fine with that. Dance 4

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Welp, I heard from all 3 guys yesterday.

I'm having dinner with Mr. Cutie Pie on Thursday.

I'm seeing Mr. Allergic to Cats on Sunday for a concert in the park and the friend I tried to fix him up with will be joining us.

I'm keeping Mr. Way Too Young at arm's length because he's also WAY too flirty. Trouble!!

And I finally made my cycling app private. It was public before and nobody needs to know my business. Wink

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Delaware!  We lived just over the border from Wilmington, in Glenmills PA for a few years. DW was working for a Wilmington CPA firm. She was poached by a Dover firm and we moved to Middletown DE for a few more years. We loved our time in the Mid Atlantic. We were there for nearly 6 years. I worked over the Del Mem Bridge in S. Jersey while she was working in DE.  I also managed two Delaware facilities during that time.  One in Delaware CIty and one in Edgemore.

If you like crab, plan a couple of weekends to cover Suidice Bridge in Secretary MD, and Sambos Tavern in Leipsic DE.

SS graduated from Middletown HS.

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Hiking? Ive got my Merrils on for a conditioning hike after work today.