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SMDH! No words... (Rant)

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So, it turns out that BM got her "free money" from the gov't for SD9's "ADHD" (I put it in quotation marks because she does NOT display any of the behaviours that indicate ADHD). So what does she do? Go shopping, of course!

She texted DH about blowing $7000 at the mall, and how the skids are "rocking their name brands", and how she just NEEDED her $400 Lulu Lemon outfit - DH says she's bigger than ever now, even though she's got a membership to Goodlife Fitness! OH! And she's leaving her $167/month townhouse complex and moving into an $800/month house apt (already paid first/last month, too), even though she hasn't paid her rent in a YEAR (this was actually a new piece of information to us this wknd)! Can someone pls tell me how in the WORLD she can afford an $800/month apt (in a rundown former DRUG house, btw) if she couldn't pay $167/month??? Because I just can't wrap my head around it. AND!, it turns out that SD9 DOESN'T need braces after all! BM was texting DH about getting $5000 from him to pay for braces that SD9 needed, and getting angry at him when he said "that's what CS was for" and to "save her money for it". Well, now that she GOT her money, there's NO MENTION of these imaginary braces! Hmmmmm...

DH says that she's treating $18,000 like it's $18 million! And this is a ONE TIME shot (per kid, I guess, since she also got the same amount for SS11 for his ADHD). I told DH that she thinks she's "in control" of the money now (since he left her; she always accused him of being controlling), but in reality, the money is controlling HER!

I have no words for how amazingly irresponsible this woman is! She sends SS11 over in his brand new Pumas and American Eagle baseball caps (which he wears all the GD time! Like that makes him "cool"), acting like he's all hot sh*t; meanwhile, he can't do anything for/by himself and he's always following SD9 around and he can't do anything without her, yet he's always threatening her that he'll "punch you in the face" (his exact words) when she doesn't give in to his every need! :jawdrop: Is this how he talks to BM, too? If he was MY son, I'd be the one to smack him in HIS face! BM, just because your kids are in their name brands, it doesn't make them any classier or more mature or better than the rest of us NORMAL folks!

DH said that with the way BM is spending money, she's going to be homeless before the summer is over - which means the skids may be moving in Sad How wrong is it of me to NOT want this to happen? We're having a hard enough time with our own 6-yr-old boy, who emulates SS11 sometimes. The last thing we need is for him to be around SS11 FULL TIME! I know, you all will say that the "skids will need us more than ever now with a POS BM", but honestly don't think more time with DH and I will really help. They're so set in their ways by now and the stress of it will be too much Sad To be honest, though, I wouldn't mind taking in SD9 - she's quite helpful with the baby and she's not as destructive and irresponsible as SS11 - and I've told DH this, and he agrees.

BM is digging herself a really big hole here and she doesn't realize it. She thinks she's all that and a bag of chips, paying $800 in rent in a "house" and walking around in her Lulu Lemon clothes. But this is the REAL world, sweetheart. Name brands don't pay the rent or put food on the table (obviously!). And anyway, if the kids have to move in with us, then she gets NOTHING! She'll be homeless and broke - I guess that'll be payback enough since all she cares about is the money Wink


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I'm confused. What gov't/charity is handing out $18k for a kid having ADHD?

And I understand your anger/confusion over how she spent the money, but that's the challenge of "free" money - once it is given, you can rarely tell people how to spend it "wisely".

people suck.

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It's probably SSI disability checks for each kid in ADHD. Our BM gets a boat load for bio polar. She tried messing up the kids so they can get SSI disability for ADHD & Bipolar. She had anti psychotic meds administered to the kids until DH found out about it a few months after. We had to get a lawyer & therapist & doctors to testify in order to get them off it.

Sorry but I am NOT a fan of having state checks given to kids with ADHD. They have to learn how to function in life without being dependent on meds & state welfare. There is no excuse, many successful businesspeople have ADHD.

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Canadian gov't...We're suspecting that she didn't tell the full truth in her application, hence the large amount...

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I do not get it...but it is sad. It would be one thing, if the money was spent on special education. If money is needed for meds., that is what medicaid is for. We wonder why this country is SO BROKE!!

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SS11 and SD9 would be covered (at least partially, however, it's been at least a MONTH since SD9 brought over ANY meds!) under DH's medical, so I don't understand, either, what all that money would be used for (well, other than on a shopping spree and an apt she can't afford!)...unless it would also be for learning materials/etc (at least that's what I'm guessing)...

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This is in Canada. And apparently they DON'T need to be thoroughly diagnosed/tested because SD9 is FINE and BM just a large amount for HER!

My BS6 is quite the hyper little one - maybe we should get HIM tested...we could use a new kitchen! LOL JK