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Seriously, you'd think they were the Hilton family!

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I have a serious issue with BM (and not just because I hate her). She lives with her 2 young (brats) in low-income housing (her rent is approx $200/month) and she doesn't work. She collects CS every month, as well as Baby Bonus and Disability (for her son who was diagnosed with ADHD and has developmental issues). Every month, she complains to DH that she's broke and she can't pay her bills, yet she buys SD a $60 hoodie sweater (from Bench, which is apparently a popular name brand right now) and new computers and new Nintendo DSi's and new toys that they don't even play with! I mean, really??? What 8-year-old needs a fricken $60 sweater that she won't even fit into years from now? And she got the kids a new computer...they don't even know how to read/spell!!! BM rakes in over $3000/month and she can't make rent? DH brings in less than that and our bills are ALWAYS paid ON TIME. I just don't understand her thought process - she's got 2 young kids to feed and keep sheltered, but she spends her money on frivolous things. OH! and the kicker is that she complains that the kids act SPOILED! Hmmm...spoiled? Wow, however did they get that way? SMH And SD is the worst one. This past Christmas, after opening her presents (from FOUR different households), her response was "That's all?" :S And just this weekend, we received a baby gift from DH's brother and SIL - a 4 pc layette set. After I opened it and she saw what it was, she said (drumroll please)..."That's all?" OMFG! It wasn't even HER present and she still wanted more! I've talked to DH about this and he agrees that the spoiling has to stop. I mean, I understand the guilt involved with the split home, but all it's really doing is setting these kids up for hard times when they get older. Not everything is about "gimme gimme gimme". It just baffles me how entitled these kids feel and they're not even rich! God forbid they start driving and want their own cars! DH: "Here's your brand new Hummer that I spent $100 grand on" ... SD: "That's all?" AARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!! And the stupid part is that BM ALWAYS brags to DH about getting a new this or a new that. And she has the nerve to bitch about her money or lack thereof! This is exactly why BD's should be allowed to know exactly where their CS is going - the BM's should have to account for every single penny spent; and if the money is not being used for the kids, then the BD's should have every right to lower their payments! Who's with me on this one???


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Welcome to the Worthless BM club! I have two BMs to deal with and they are both cut from the same mold. Same as yours, low income housing and trailer park, part time minimum wage job and no job, one or the other calls DH at least every other week whining about needing money but then in the next breath skids will talk about shopping, new clothes, computers, cell phones. Both BMs always seem to be shopping, getting hair/nails done ( like any of this helps!) Going out to dinner etc.

I tell my husband that all they are doing is trying like hell to prove they are something they're the end of the day they are still going to be poor white trash.

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Exactly! I have no idea how my SO got together with her in the first place as she and I are completely different...oh wait...she got pregnant with his child (a mere ONE MONTH after giving birth to her oldest daughter) and saw it as a way to secure her spending money :S But you hit the nail on the head - she definitely wants the life that I have with SO, but she HAD it and screwed it up.

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Oh yeah!!! Our BM smokes 2 packs a day, supports her BF when he is not in jail pays and 50.00 a week for his drug testing so he can live with her. But has no money for food or anything else SD needs. She feeds SD Top Ramen noodles or cereal. Neither her or her BF have a job!!

Then she cries the blues to everyone about how poor she is. Pathetic !!!!

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OMG you just described my BM (only she takes his paycheques to pay for things for HER kids) :S There must be some "How To Be A Worthless Piece of Shit" manual out there somewhere as all the BM's described on this site are all the same!