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OT - DD3 knocked her front teeth loose

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So on Thanksgiving (11/22 for those not in the US Smile ) DD3 fell and hit her face HARD on something. I don't have more details as she was in her room and was supposed to be napping.

She bit almost thru her bottom lip, and that seems to be healing alright, slowly, but definitely making progress.

She also hit her two front upper teeth, there was a lot of blood that came from around the gum line, and her gum line is still healing and swollen. Her teeth are still quite loose, even gently brushing her teeth wiggles them.

I took her to the dentist on Monday 11/26, they did Xrays and altough there is no sign of infection you can definetly see that there was some damage to the roots of the teeth. I'm supposed to go back in a couple weeks and the desntist said that if those roots are worse, then we'll need to pull her front 2 teeth. 

Now I'm fine with pulling them if that's whats necessary, but from everything I'm reading online, they usually just watch for infection and let them fall out on their own if they're going to at all. Even leaving greyed teeth (which I'm sure will happen) in that have obviously died off.

Does anyone have more insight or knowledge on this? I'd hate to put DD3 under anesthsia and do a procedure if it's just the dentist being overzelous. 


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Oh man, I am sorry!

My little guy bit nearly through his bottom lip a couple months ago. So much blood! It's scary! No damage to his teeth; this time.

He's a climber and (unfortunately) seems to have a bit of an adrenaline junky personality. So, I'm just waiting for something to happen. 

Keep us updated on what happens! I would be interested in the outcome for future reference. 

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The problem with allowing an infectin to run it's course is possible bone loss I believe.  I had an abscess from a broken tooth root that caused me to lose bone and made the "fix" difficult. (can't do a post there because no bone to go into.

If you are uncomfortable with this dentist's assesment.. get a 2nd opinion.  When I was younger I had my two front teeth loosened.. when I had a bubble pipe in my mouth the wrong way and my brother hit the stem and wrenched my teeth straight forward.. I didn't have to have them pulled.. and I believe they firmed back up from what I can recall.

I definitely understand your worry on putting your child under.. because I know that there have been some bad cases of kids dying under anesthesia.. I'm not familiar with it.. maybe there are safer ways to do it without her being all the way under?

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I don't have experience with my front teeth. But I know part of why I have a fake tooth is because the root of my tooth broke after an iffy root canal. It caused this HUGE infection below the surface and I was so stubborn about going in that I ended up with a small bone graft on my jaw too because of how invasive they had to be with the clean up. (first cavity, bad filling turned to root canal, turned to fake tooth)

So I'd imagine teeth knocked loose would be similar. They may want to pull them just to avoid that risk. Because I'm not going to lie, it was painful as he!! and I didn't even sleep for a day or two before finally going in becuase there was so much throbbing.

I  actually knocked both of my front teeth out as a kid. It's not bad. Plus then the "all I want for Christmas ia my two front teeth" really becomes a true story Wink

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I would definitly understand pulling them if there was an infection. Most of the posts I saw online was that they left the teeth in place, but watched for signs of infection. Any signs of infection and the teeth would need to come out so that the infection didn't damage the permanent teethe that were behind.

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I would take her for a 2nd opinion.  MyGD knocked her 4 front teeth loose when she was 2, climbing UP a slide the wrong way.   She had to be put under and metal caps were placed to keep the roots secure.   Something about keeping the teeth as 'place holders' so when her permanent teeth come in they will be in the right place.  She's lost her 2 front teeth now, but no sign of the permanant ones coming in yet.

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She is now 13. When she was about two she stood up on the coffee table and tied a towel like a cape around her neck and jumped to the couch and missed. I had hard tiles floor. Her teeth went all the way back up into her gums. I had to take her to the emergency dentist. They did die and grey and I had to get them pulled . And now she has had to have braces and some work done on her adult teeth because they were damaged during her super girl stunt