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Six year old skid vomited everywhere

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I just spent half an hour cleaning vomit from the kitchen, hall and toilet because of skid. I’m thoroughly disgusted and further irritated from the three other times she came to wake up my husband to let him know her stomach hurt. As I'm cleaning she told me she also threw up on her bed.

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At least she got some of it in the toilet! I remember waking up one night...I'd have been around the same age...and feeling very sick. Instead of going to the toilet, I stood at the top of the stairs and called down to tell my mom I felt sick. In doing so, a beautiful projectile arc of vomit flew out of my mouth and covered each and every step. Mom was NOT impressed.

Maybe next time, you dole out the sympathy and glass of water and SO gets to do the cleaning.

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His kid? He cleans up the vomit. (And then you go behind him and clean it up to your standards, cuz men!)

Oh hell no would he be sleeping while I was cleaning up his kid's vomit (when he ignored her pleas for help beforehand)

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^^^All of this.  Plus, for the love of dawg, someone teach that girl to throw up in a dang bucket!!  Even at that young age, I knew better than to just barf everywhere.  Good grief!

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If there is a next time make sure you wake your H and tell him to clean up after his kid. Why did you take it upon yourself to do it?

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That poor kid.  Her dad ignored her when she was sick and she's still pretty young.  Now you're cleaning it up?  

What a crap parent your husband is.  He should have taken care of his child and he should be cleaning up.  

What's going on now?  Is he still ignoring his sick kid?  

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Poor kid.

and further irritated from the three other times she came to wake up my husband to let him know her stomach hurt.

Are you irritated at her or your husband? 'Cuz, this is ALL on him.

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This, because if he was parenting properly, she wouldn't have had to come tell him that many times. He should have been, oh, I don't know - TAKING CARE OF HIS SICK SIX YEAR OLD! 

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my dear, sweet then 8 year old girl sat straight up on the couch and puked across the living room. Within 30 minutes I had four additional dear sweet kiddos vomiting in various bathrooms and cooking bowls, the youngest was three. Hubs was deployed and I have a very strong puke aversion so I sat there cleaning while puking myself in sympathy. 

Some 14 years later and the entire thing is pretty funny. Your husband needs to learn to never ignore a child who says their stomach hurts because chances are they will vomit. 

I can understand your frustration but it should be directed at your husband as I doubt your SD purposely puked everywhere.