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Trying to be positive

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The weekend is approaching. Transition occurs Sunday. I'm trying to be positive. Trying not to let the dread of "his week" settle in. EOW is best for custody. I firmly believe that. I dread it though. It is disrupting my sleep. I feel myself disengaging even before they are here.

I'm attempting to be positive.

My in laws are wonderful.
They have supported us from moment one. They treat me with respect. They empathize with us when life is chaotic. They see BM for what she is. They see the tension that skids create and have tried to be of assistance.

My children have accepted us
They love DH and accepted him almost immediately. They were looking forward to skids, but sadly see them for what they are. They are still willing to try. Typical teens, but for the most part they do what they are asked and without much complaint. They understand that everyone has to contribute to the household.

Skids will be at their grandparents Monday night and all day Tuesday.
I don't have to deal with them Smile We have banquet plans with my girls Monday and DH has to travel on Tuesday. Originally, I was willing to take care of all kid needs Tuesday, but when the "she scares us, she is mean, she yells at us" crap started I said screw it. Not putting myself in a position to be lied about. There is NO effin yelling in my house. Period. Tell them to flush the frickin toilet yes, or put your dish away...but not yelling.

Wait...getting negative again. They won't be there for me to deal with Monday night and most of Tuesday. Smile

Several projects to keep me busy when they are around.
We have a new lizard. A mountain horned dragon. S/he is entertaining and I want to learn more about creating natural habitats. Yes, I'm a research geek. The bunny hutch needs to be enlarged. I'm not happy with the one level so I'm going to create a lower level so bunny has more room to play and has a better flooring for his feet. There are several pieces of antique furniture that need to be restored and I can't wait to get started.

Despite the tension that skids bring, I HAVE to focus on what is positive. So difficult and something that I think too many of us fail to do.