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BM death stare. She's so awful

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BF and I have secure jobs and BM's could wind up being laid off because of all the social distancing. As she had SS5, BF and I offered to help watch SS5 to help her focus on work to help with her job security. I guess we were feeling super nice that day because she's horrible. But whatever. 

She took us up on the offer. We accomodated when she wanted him picked up, and we went to her place to pick him up. We even offered to let her pull up in front of our place to pick SS5 up since it's been raining. Usually we have her meet across the street. As SS5 said goodbye to me and BF, we stayed on the lanai while the kid went down stairs to his mom's car. It was a totally safe situation. When BM saw SS5 walking down the stairs, she shoots BF a hateful look, and gets herself out of the car with as much exasperation as dramatically possible. BM proceeds to give a death stare to BF and doesn't remove her lazer devil eyes of hate from him the whole time he's watching SS5 safely go to his mom. I assumed it was because we had the audacity to have the kid walk down the stairs by himself....? This awful entitled woman is like... shocked at how we didn't escort him like a damn prince up to his carriage. 

Just venting. I'm not trying to please the woman. We were trying to help to benefit SS5. But I told BF nope. No more helping. She can suck a D and go back to waiting across the street for us to hand off SS5. 


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You can't fix crazy.

I wouldn't change anything at all in response to BM theatrics.

And yes, a five year old can safely navigate a set of stairs by himself. I'm betting BM is also one of those  mothers who still brings her son into public female restrooms at five years old, and will probably continue to do so until he is ten? Five is the age at which children become capable and aware of many, many, many things...

The Maggot Queen used to treat OSS15 and YSS11 like this. She wasn't a great parent. She just enjoys drama. It was pretty embarrassing to try to convince a 5 and 8 year old that there is nothing scary about the men's restroom: just pee, wash hands, and come back out! Like, I'm literally standing by the door, so nobody will be "kidnapping" anyone else today... *eyeroll*

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I haven't even thought about the bathroom thing! BF and SS usually go together. I would put money on her taking him into the women's room too. So much about control. And yeah, no wonder your Skids were afraid of the men's room!

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My DH used to try and do anything BM wanted even if it meant him or us suffering.  Either emotionally or financially.   I finally got him to see, after years that it didn't matter what you did, BM would always end up trashing him to the skids in the end.  That was why I stopped doing anything for her.  If I was home and she wanted to drop skids off early (before DH was home) I would say Nope.  If she needed me to take skid to sporting event or practice on our time, nope....come pick him up and take him.    It doesn't pay to do anything to help people like your BM.