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Dear heavens, Dear husband...

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In the midst of all the board drama, DH calls. He had a telephonic hearing about "extra" expenses for his adult daughter.
He agreed to pay some of it, like oral surgery and crap. He was NOT going to pay for certain "fun" things. She's an adult.

Of course, BM disagreed and filed a suit.


Well, it seems DH had the call in time wrong. So, they issued the judgement IN FULL in default, and now he has to appeal it. Seriously? Is it even worth it?
I'm just so irritated.

Of course, if he files and appeal, it just delays BM getting her $$$. Hmmm, now THERE'S a thought! }:)


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Oh, because my DH was a bit of a guilty fool and agreed to pay for certain things until the kids were adults. Definition? I think when they are "adults" as defined by the IRS. Which, um, when BM claims them every freaking year (even though one hasn't lived with her for almost 3 years!) that will never happen. Sad

So on top of paying for their insurance and college (that they repeatedly fail) BM is always asking for more. It gets tiring.

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that's crazy. is there any way it can be changed to have a specific birthdate that it ends?

when bm stops claiming them or they graduate college is just too indefinite!