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Served the trespass notice

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on the NPD BM this morning. She didn't take it well, lots of swearing and saying we've overreacted. She told her daughter "mummy can't come over anymore because of *me*". She finally left when I said I was calling the cops. She was still swearing and making threats about police and lawyer action. Then she got on the community Facebook page asking (yet again) for recommendations for out of school care for her daughter and went on a rant about how we're not looking after her.

She wants someone to look after SD7 from 7am to 8pm even on school nights. At our house SD7 is asleep by 7:30pm. We've said we're happy to have SD7 while BM is at work but BM doesn't want to do that because it's not a 50:50 split. 

It's her week to have SD7. Yet again SD7 didn't want to go to BM's, she always cries and tries to get out of it. We always have to calm her down and talk her into going. She's said multiple times that she thinks mummy is crazy/cuckoo. The only things she likes about being with BM is eating lots of meatlovers pizza and junk food, and playing roblox every waking moment she's not in school. 



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Wait, what is a trespass notice? Is this an actual legal document served on her?

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Yes. In New Zealand if you don't want someone on your property you can serve them a trespass notice. If they enter your property within two years you can call the police to have them removed and dealt to. They can be fined up to NZ$1,000 or be imprisoned for up to three months for breaching the trespass notice. 

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"She was still swearing and making threats about police and lawyer action."

Oh my, that would have been entertaining if she'd called the cops! They'd have removed her for trespassing. And what does she imagine a lawyer could do? Demand you hand over a key to her?  *ROFL*

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I would file for another modificiation. If you can have SD at your house and not daycare or a babysitter, why wouldn't you? It would be one thing if you weren't able or willing but if you are, she should be there instead of some random person she found on facebook!

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I agree but DP won't do it., he's spent 14+ years trying not to incur her wrath. NPD BM isn't used to anyone standing up to her. 

BM is more interested in hurting DP than doing what is right for her daughter. She would rather palm her kid off on a complete stranger than let DP have her. She's already previously put SD7 in childcare with a complete stranger. DP only found out when he saw his daughter walking to school with the stranger. She's also tried to make out that we're abusive and neglectful towards SD7 and tried to take full custody of her. When DP and BM were having meditation to work out a parenting agreement the mediator told BM that HER treatment of SD7 was child abuse and neglect and the courts would grant full custody to DP if he asked for it. That made her back down and agree to 50:50 custody but she hasn't stepped up her parenting game.

Sorry about the rant, it's not aimed at you. I'm just frustrated he won't stand up for himself or his daughter.