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DP got a taste of what I've been going through

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SD7 has a bad attitude toward me, partly because she's a mini wife, partly because of brainwashing from her NPD BM, and partly because she's never been parented. DP knows how I feel about how SD7 treats me.

I've been having trouble with BD14's disrespectful attitude lately. She's lost privileges like her phone, her bedroom door, and screen time. There have been other consequences too.

Served the trespass notice

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on the NPD BM this morning. She didn't take it well, lots of swearing and saying we've overreacted. She told her daughter "mummy can't come over anymore because of *me*". She finally left when I said I was calling the cops. She was still swearing and making threats about police and lawyer action. Then she got on the community Facebook page asking (yet again) for recommendations for out of school care for her daughter and went on a rant about how we're not looking after her.

A step in the right direction

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Today I disengaged completely from all the kids not just SD7. I also did zero around the house. Dinner was canned stew stirred through some rice. Everyone had to wash their own plates and cutlery because none were clean. I said I wasn't hungry and left DP to handle the kids. It opened his eyes to how much I do around the place and how much effort goes into parenting the kids.