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Would you give a 5 year old lipton raspberry iced tea?


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I wouldn't, but some people don't worry about caffeine and sugar intake. Our BM has apparently taken to giving SS8 a Coke or a cup of coffee before school every day because she thinks it helps him focus.

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DH is very on top of his no caffeine rule so I know it's something BM is aware of. And I am on top of caffeine, sugar and those pesky dye's. But I know everyone is not like me. But we were getting him a drink just now and he went crazy over the tea and I freaked out that she was giving him caffeine and then realized maybe I should reel it in because to some people it's not a big deal....? Or maybe she's too dumb and doesn't realize.. also believable. It's just he's so hyper already I feel like even if she's not that type of health conscious person she should be educating herself on these things in order to provide the best for her son... Sad

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That's interesting! He's not adhd, and I'm not self diagnosing, I'm just noticing traits that if they continue to get worse I could see it heading that way.... so I worry extra about sugar and caffeine and all the artificial crap

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Maybe mom thinks he is. Dhs son is boarderline so his "earthy" mother gives him coffee. I thought she was crazy till I read about it on here. I've given him coffee when he gets wild and it calms him. Weird.

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It might but the effects are short lived and its not exactly the best way to go about getting those effects.

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SS isn't ADHD, he's just a dickhead. Even if he was ADHD, coffee and soda aren't accepted as appropriate treatment since the amount of caffeine is variable.

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Now now you know we can NEVER blame the child for behavioral issues. Oh and its not the parents fault either. It's the school who just doesn't know how to deal with such a special child.

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Stalk come on there is no way coffee will calm a child with ADHD. LOL I know you are kidding!!!!!!!! LOL

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Caffeine is a stimulant similar to some of the medications given to individuals with ADHD.

Some people do see some benefits from the intake of caffeine but the effects are inconsistent and short term at best.

If a parent doesn't want to medicate their child there are much more positive ways to help them do better in a class room. Simply understanding that the typical classroom model is a major issue.

Sitting still in a hard desk for hours at a time is insane to ask of any child. Let alone one with honest ADHD.

Many schools are looking at alternatives including things like exercise balls or standing desk that allow controlled movement that does not lead to distractions.

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Yeah, my DH has ADHD. He stopped taking his medication a couple of years ago. He says that Red Bull has the same impact on him that his medication used to. I still wish he'd take medication instead of self-medicating, but he's an adult.

I think diet can be important for ADHD as well, though and sugar is not typically part of an ADHD-friendly diet.

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Who is giving their 5 year old ice tea? Is it a Disney Dad? If so then the ice tea is nothing compared to whatever else the precious poopsie wants. A very crappy diet is all part of raising a poor coddled CoD to be utterly hedonistic complete with the 100% junky diet. I wouldn't give my DD17 iced teas when she was little, because I didn't like allowing all that sugar and caffeine. My DH allowed the SKs to live on diet coke. It was their ONLY liquid for years. He had no issues with plying them with aspartame, caffeine and chemicals, but I had to disengage or I would have gone insane.

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BM but i don't know why I'm surprised. He lives on Cheetos, ice cream and McDonald's with her.... this is just something new and it took me aback.

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Ugh! Sounds like the diet my DH allows SSs to eat. They also drink soda like it's going out of style when they're with us.

One of them once told me, "we don't drink soda at home, we drink refreshe." Well, refreshe is just the generic store brand of soda, so I guess they eat the same when they are at BM's house. They also know all the items on the value menu at McDonald's and we rarely go there (DH prefers Taco Bell, which I hate), so I think they eat a lot of fast food with BM as well.

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So I'm a health nut... DH and the Skds not so much. I've introduced veggies. I'm happy when they eat half. Anyways... He lets them have the occasional tea. Particularly sweet tea (nasty southern habit). SD8 drinks Lipton and SD4 does occasionally too. I'm not a big fan of it... I don't really think a kid needs all that caffeine... but DH is fine with it, it's occasionally. So as long as it's not daily then I don't see a huge issue with it. And as long as it's for flavor, kids don't need caffeine. Lol. I don't even know where they get all the energy in the first place!

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I'm a freak about sugary or caffeinated drinks and my kids so no. They get other treats, like a cookie.

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You have to let go of what the other parent is feeding them. Fill your life with more fulfilling activities.

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First off SO and his ex set the precedent before I even entered the scene. The kids are used to drinking sodas including caffeine so a raspberry tea is nothing to them.

That being said when I did enter I did make some adjustments. Soda or anything of the like is NOT a breakfast drink. My partner is the only one who get's away with break this rule because he is an adult. Me and the kids however stick to milk, water, or juice.

I have limited the amount of soda. When I first met him the kids drank soda ALL of the time. Now I've got it limited to maybe 1 a day IF we go out to eat. I keep the fridge full of water, poweraid, juice, and other kids juice drinks. I know it's still a bit more sugar then they should have but honestly I grew up drinking nothing but kolaid.

On other ends the kids are pretty healthy. Again I stock the house with fruit, applesauce, yogurt, and cheese for snacks. They do get some sweets and ice cream but really not that often.

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Not me personally, but people are funny. I took my kids to the dentist for a check up and there was a woman there with her three year old who was having several teeth pulled because sho only let her daughter drink green tea. She claimed she had heard it was better than milk or water for little kids.

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Nope - I simply made normal lipton tea with a bit of Honey and lemon juice and that I gave to my kid to drink...

bot store bought iced tea.... we still make out own

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I'm super confused as to why this is such an issue, but that may be because I spent A LOT of time with my southern-raised grandmother growing up and sweet tea was available at every meal. And she kept a fridge full of Snapple.

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Maybe as a treat when they were younger and wanted to be like the big kids, during a special occasion... but definitely not a full can... a few sips, sure.

At restaurants etc, I controlled the choices for the kids when ordering... it wasn't "what do you want", EVER... it was... "do you want this or that?" Milk or juice... chicken fingers or spaghetti... iced tea was never really an option for them until they were older.... and even then it was ONE cup of iced tea, no refills...

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SS does not drink any caffeine. As for sugary drinks yeah we let him have them once in a while. At picnics he can have a sprite. The movies he can get the fruit punch but we fill it with half water to make it less sugary. I buy him small boxes of juices.

While the tea has caffeine in it and I think that is a little young for it. You need to remember that there is just as much sugar in that tea as there are some like apple juices and other things that kids drink. Orange juice has a lot of sugar as well.

I would say no to caffeine but the sugar thing depends on the kid. SS can eat like two or three cookies (that does not happen often it is usually a treat) he will be fine and not all hyped up and bouncing off the walls. The other night at football they gave the kids sports drinks and they could get one refill. I wanted to lock the kid in a padded room and let him work out all his energy. He was off the walls and jittery and crazy.

Everyone is different.

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I would let my kids drink it. There are worse things to battle in life. They also willingly drink water and milk so I wouldn't mind if they had some.