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My 32yr old. Stepdaughter is upsetting my marriage

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Well I have been with my husband 5 yrs , I have 4 children 3 boys aged 22,20,12 and 1girl 17. He has two girls aged 32 ,25 who each have 2 children, it's the 32 yr old step daughter I'm having trouble with, at first we got on great , her dad had been single 15 yrs , she was happy for us . I always knew she was jealous of her younger sister as it showed from day 1. But I wouldn't involve myself in it. So when my 32 yr old step d was in a depression after a split and hating where she lived with 2 young boys I suggested she live near to us as she lived 50miles away , paid for her move, gave her a job as we run a pub and thought all would be good.we got on like best friends I thought , until my husband's family started acting weird towards me. It turns out she has made up lies telling his family irony like them then coming to me telling me they don't like me . I was so upset and couldn't understand what I had done , when she lied to her dad and said I shouted at her I smelt a rat , spoke to her aunt and found out she has done a lot of stirring. We had a row. Now my husband has spoken to her and believe d her over me . I'm in total shock hurt and don't know what to do. I have been warned by her sister she is nasty and will
Break my marriage and that her dad will always believe her over anybody. What do I do ?


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You don't know what to do? Seriously? So your DH believes his cretin grown ass spawn, let them have each other. Kick them all to the curb.

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She is no longer working for us as she has lied so much and stirred up so much trouble . My hb has seen on camera that I didn't shout at her and his other daughter has told him what she is like but she manipulates my hb so much he seems totally dumb to her. I made a big mistake moving her to the next street from us . And although my hb says he's not taking sides I don't feel any support from him .