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Horney FB boyfreind doesn't know when to quit!!

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This kid doesn't know when to quit! After I embarrassed horney 13 year old boyfriend on FB, SD said she was probably going to break up with him "when she sees him next." We told her that would only be when school starts because he screwed up any chances of seeing her before then. I mentioned she may not want to tie herself down all summer, which she seemed to agree with since 13 she has SUCH a social life Wink She didn't seem in any rush, until my best friend messaged me and asked "who the hell is this friend of SD's sending me friend requests?" My other friend mentioned he friend requested her as well and when I mention this to my mother, she says "oh is THAT who that kid who sent me the friend request is?!" I don't know if this kid is just really hard up for female attention or he thinks he's going to be around for the long haul and is trying to be friends with the family. He didn't request my brother or any other males, so I'm going with he needs female attention.

Well SD finds out about this and gets the most pissed I've ever seen her, immediately storms upstairs to get her tablet, and messages him that he "messed up and they are done." Her face was really red and she kept calling him a jerk. My two friends are very attractive so I'm wondering if she is jealous even though they are 30. Her mother told her father he was disgusting and she never wanted him to touch her again. When she found out about me, she lost her ever-loving mind, called all night for weeks, demanded they get back together etc. I'm thinking jealousy is genetic here. Wink


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Her mom was really jealous because she knew the relationship was a mess. Not to mention SO was a charming bar tender and the only one supporting her drunk ass. I think she knew he could do better and when he did, she lost it. BM's jealousy was extremely irrational as are most of her thought processes since she's drunk all the time. After a decade of daily black out drinking, she has probably caused some damage to her brain chemistry.

As far as SD, this was her first breakup, I'll wait before I think she's absolutely nuts. Not to mention being an insecure teenager is probably the only acceptable time to be jealous.

I agree with you, jealousy is the most unattractive trait. I have an old guy friend from college who disappears for years at a time when he is with a girlfriend. When I see a missed call or text, I know he's single.

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I'm just laughing about the similarities. The whole 13 year old BF thing has been laughable from the start as he has been acting like Casa Nova on FB and she's been overall annoyed by his existence anyway. I'm not sure why it matters that I went left field with this, it's not very serious.

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Dude! this was a follow up to a pretty funny story that I posted before. It was funny, no one in the family took it seriously. She laughed at how red her face was, it's going to be ok, I promise! It's a funny story I followed up on and cracked a joke on an ANONYMOUS site where people have/have had or will have teenage skids who have traits of their BM. THE HORROR!! If she ends up having jealousy problems in the future, I'll support her and hope she can grow out of them. Otherwise it may become one of those fault things the rest of us have that she will have to deal with throughout her life. But I'm not going to pull my hair out, stressing that my 13 year old may have jealousy issues in her dating life in the future. And if you had read the post before, you would know the kid screwed up in a much bigger way already and we had encouraged her to break up with him. I've posted multiple posts about being proud of her btw, she's more adult then some of the people on this site. And in the last post, most people laughed and then it developed into a discussion about teenage dating and sex which was..wait for it now...helpful and mature!!

I swear some people go 13 second without being offended by something or without drama and they get on the internet to start shit!