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We hired a lawyer

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We hired a lawyer to go ahead and get everything we want for dd before her biodad has the money to really fight us on it. We are asking for child support, braces, medical insurance (She is on dhs right now and he feels her bio should be paying it) half of private school for middle/high school, half of insurance when she starts driving, half of car ect. College. Our attorney says we can fight for percentages based on income. If he makes 75% more then me he pays x amount more. He thinks we can get all of her college paid for and grad school!!we can also get him to pay for half of band and school trips ect which will be great! He said no way can bio dad get custody right now like some people said, he can ask for visitation which will start off supervised since they have never met. We can do that for so many hours and then weekend visitation ect. He lives out of town so im not to worried about him taking advantage of that. He'll have to come here to see her. If he chooses to that is. He still hasnt tried to even met her. Who doesn't want to meet their child? We are filing to force the paternity test since the state hasn't made him take one yet. Wish me luck!