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Skid free weekend!

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The Corona virus has in some way benefit us  Smile I requested DH that his kid stays at BM to avoid any potential spread of the disease in my home and here's a shocker- he agreed! He had ME text BM to let her know of OUR decision,(I think he was afraid to lol) and she didn't fight back once! (Wow)

So I got to spend my whole weekend Skid FREE and we've had a blast together. Not to mention, our anniversary is tomorrow so we get to do all kinds of stuff (at home) together. 

I'm really tempted to convince DH to arrange an EOW schedule for SD8 rather that the extremely exhausting Every weekend arrangement we have. 

Also, question: when would it be okay for SD to come over again? You know, so I'll be mentally prepared (ugh).


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Arent you lucky? I got the opposite. Skids are most likely here for the duration of the school closure til April 6, then maybe we will resume BM taking skid every other weekend.

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He had YOU text BM?  As him or as you?   Coward.  As much as it benefited you, don't do it again for him.  He's the one who needs to do this.  Otherwise it's a path to crazy town for you.  

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I know, he says he didn't know how to word it and I'm the good one with words (true by the way) it was through his phone.

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I'm not sure if you put in the text (from his phone) that it was "our" decision.. but in the future.. if you did.. you should change it to "my".  No quicker route to drama and conflict if his EX starts to get the idea that you are now pulling the strings.

The quarantine thing in general is 2 weeks without developing symptoms... in reality.. if the child or other family members haven't been in high risk contact.. waiting that long is probably overkill.

I can see that every weekend having custody would have to be difficult for you.. but going EOWE is asking him to cut 50% of his time with his child.. the thought should be to somehow shift the time to other days.. perhaps he could take the child to school a few days a month in addition to his EOWE?

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Yeah I probably shouldnt have said "our". But I mean, she pretty much knows and includes me in the decisions lately, so I don't think there should be an issue. I am his wife and she knows that damn well :).

And yeah I just wanted to make sure how long it'll be, since in my area, there are rumors of school cancelling for the rest of the school year. I have asthma and my baby is still too young to be exposed to any sicknesses that could be easily prevented. SD is very unhygienic and always seems to be coughing, the longer she stays at BMs while everything calms down, the better. 

The arrangement for visitation is really exhausting honestly. DH himself mentioned maybe it would be best to make some modifications, only because there are so many things we would like to do on weekends when we are free but can't because we have to pick up SD and drop her off at a specific time, if not, BM will freak out. I wouldn't mind him doing school drop offs or pick ups on some days, except, BM would make him not only pick up SD BUT ALSO BMs OTHER KID. (I know this because she used to make him do it before we had gotten married.) 

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Glad that you got some time for yourselves and I agree with SurvivingStephell~ you should really consider your BF getting into the habit of handling his X on his own and learning how to address and communicate with her. He can't continue to use you as the middleman, the go between. This will only set you all up for some huge issues in the future.