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The Storm has passed. Better days lie ahead?

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My previous blog entry was driven by my anxiety of picking up SD from BM, being on a last minute hunting trip with the fiance's family and what to do/not do over the course of our time together. 

First I have to say thank you to all replies to my blogs. I truly love seeing various point of views. As for the hunting trip... it was fantastic! I was able to be myself and the entire trip was filled with laughter and stories of their past as a family, as well as their asking about mine.

Second, picking up SD from the BM, well I went. I stayed in my truck and it ended with a -what I think was friendly- waive goodbye. SD ran straight to me with excitement, perhaps that helped put BM at ease about me? That's a very hopeful assumption, but I feel like it's a start.

Last but not least. Having SD this past week. This pertains more towards my first blog entry. The normally ornery child has been fantastic! We still have had problems with her eating and certain things of that nature but I kept reminding myself that she is 3 and brussel sprouts aren't for everyone *lol*

I have taken advice from the comments given on this page and I am temporarily the new favorite parent! -My fiance has actually been jealous- haha We have spent every day after school/work together attached at the hip. She even told her daddy, "learning with 'KBee' is fun." 

Maybe this is a phase, maybe it's the beginning of a better relationship. Talking with you all and having conversations with my fiance has truly been the ticket. Talk to yall soon, thanks everyone! :)



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I'm glad it went so well!

One thing, I wouldn't count on that setting BM at ease. For some it does, for others it sets them on this jealous psychotic rage... I mean SD5 when I first got married informed Psycho she wanted me (for good reason... There's a reason her name is Psycho) she marched her to a porta-potty, informed her that wasn't going to happen and SD5 said she was popped. i wanted to break the b****s nose. It was all petty jealousy. So i hope it works differently for you.

Congrats on being the new favorite!!!!

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I am very familiar with the petty jealousy. I hate you had to deal with it, but it seems it's just the way things work. Perhaps I would be too if the shoe was on the other foot, who knows? Thanks so much for the kind words. I am keeping my guard up about BM but hoping it continues to steer towards a clear path. 

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Glad it all went well and I wish you many years of positive & happy moments with her. I hope that you both develop a great relationship together. All you can do is do your best by her but also value yourself in the process.