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Stuff stepkids do...

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Eats all the Doritos

OR eats all but a few crumbs of the Doritos and puts the bag back in the cupboard so no one can accuse her of eating all the Doritos

Talks about all the good times she had with my husband's ex-girlfriend

Talks about the dog they used to have when DH was still married to BM

Uses waayyy too much toilet paper

Tells the same story a dozen times about how she was stuck watching a scary movie while her mommy and daddy talked out in the workshop

These are just a few examples from this weekend with SD12.

What does your stepkid do that just grates on your last nerve?


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omigod! SS3 does that! I really thought it might be a toddler thing and he would grow out of it! your SS is NINE?!! gaaah!

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We have to constantly tell him to stop repeating stuff. He just HAS to make sure everyone heard what he said. Drives me up the damn wall.

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my gripes are mostly just from me being stricter than dh or bm or mil.

most is normal kid stuff, tween/early teen crap.
hmmm, where to begin......

- dont piss on the seat
- if u use the last of the tp for crying out loud get another roll
- WALK down the stairs, theres a solid oak door at the foot that one of these days u'll crack your skull on; AND i dont wanna hear it
- chew with your mouth closed, and dont take bites so big u cant close your lips
- dont use my kitchen towel (for clean hands and dishes) as your own personal napkin
- think ahead- get a towel and change of clothes BEFORE you shower, no one wants to see your wet naked ass dripping on the hall carpet
- dont leave zit-boogers on the bathroom mirror, that is revolting
- dirty clothes belong in the dirty clothes hamper, is it REALLY that hard to 'get'?
- if you spill something for god's sake CLEAN IT. it's gross to find an old soda spot that has either a trail of ants to it, or is a sticky mess encrusted with dog hair.
- dh and i are not your personal maids- pick up your own damn plate, if u want more tea then go get it, dont leave your shoes, jackets, socks, random assortment of clothing items, all over the house. that also goes for phone cases, chargers, chapstick, stretchy bracelets, etc.
- can ya'll EVER maybe even just once, agree on a meal that is cooked at home?
- take your trash, clothes, shoes, trash and trash out of my/dh's car? they've become rolling trash pits.
- food in kitchen/dining room only!!! why am i still finding wrappers in the couch cushions, coke cans upstairs, gummies under furniture, etc.

and WHY OH WHY am i still repeating this shit, *literally* a hundred times a day, after almost SIX YEARS? oh wait, i know, it's cuz DH WONT HANDLE IT. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!

ok, vent over. i'm glad they're actually good kids, and i'm glad normal kid stuff is all i have to bitch about. and NO, i dont bitch or yell or rant or rave to them, i just repeat monotone. but still, i mean c'mon, really? shouldnt this shit sink in by osmosis or something?

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"Talks about all the good times she had with my husband's ex-girlfriend "--- This one get's me all the freaking time!!! DH's ex GF's parents actually live down the road from my parents. Every time we drive by he talks about how much fun they had there riding horses until I "came along and ruined it". (They had been broken up for over a year before I was in the picture and he rode the horses once or twice tops)

SS also talks about the house we used to live in- TOGETHER but always forgets that me and my bios lived there with them too. He just talks and talks and I say, I know, we were there too- he just gives me a blank stare like it doesn't compute.

And last but not least "I wasn't talking to you"- that is SS's favorite thing to say now. I am going to back hand that child one day, I know he is going to push me to that place!

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eats all but a few crumbs of the Doritos and puts the bag back in the cupboard so no one can accuse her of eating all the Doritos

I freaking HATE this! SS14 does it EVERY time he is at our house. SS15? Well she just takes the whole bag into her nasty black hole of a room and it is simply never seen again. I remember one day, BS4 was looking for "his" pretzels and he went is SS15 room to see if she had them in there. She did, BS4 decided he didn't want them after all. Even the 4 year old knows that you could probably get Ebola or something nasty from touching anything in SD room, must less EATING it!

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Always eats WHOLE bag of chips and doesn't even put it in the garbage .... But just throws it on the floor...doesn't say Thank You ....ever!! Not even for load of x-mas gifts! Its so disheartening when u spend time and money to choose nice presents...and all u get is big ole Nothing....:/...I Wasn't raised like that and I learned to appreciate everything I was given so its really hard to wrap my brain around this one! Just smile and say a **cking Thank You!! Maybe its too much to ask out of these teens now days...I don't know....anyone have can advice on how to deal w it!? Smile

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I have a closest full of Christmas gifts STILL IN THE BOX from the past two Christmases with SD12. So this year she didn't get nearly as much. Most of what she got is still in the box. Ungrateful little shit.

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OMG...where to goes a few for SD14
Here's your top 8 SD14
1. When you enter the room, you prance and expect everyone to admire you, expecially your father :sick:
2. Call or text your dad 20-30 times in a short period of time just to make sure that he paying attention to you.
3. Act half your age---when a 14 yr old is asking for a "baby alive" for has reached the creepy point.
4. Treat your father like an ATM
5. Have no respect for anyone and think that everyone loves you and thinks you are the greatest thing ever.
6. Think that you should not have to do anything or have any responsibility and that others in your life are around to serve you.
7. Think you are too good to eat food that is prepared at home at mealtime.
8. Your complete and utter manipulation of the people who love you.

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Let's see. I hate when the 8 year old:

1. Pretends to be sick to avoid doing homework.
2. Pretends to be sick to avoid school.
3. Pretends to be sick period.

He suddenly develops a cough or tummy ache almost on a weekly basis. But I'm sure if we invite him to an amusement park/arcade game place, he would suddenly feel all better.

He gets it from his mother. There are definitely no lazy people living here.

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everything Princess Boy does grates my nerves.....him just walking through the door gets under my skin.... }:)

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Yours does laundry ?! Lol . Mine can't even put their clean clothes in their dresser. They just throw them back in their hamper because they are too lazy to put them up!

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GAH the milk think drives me batshit crazy too. mine do this with evvvverything- milk, oj, soda, chips, even shampoo. u end up with freaking eighteen nearly-empty containers of everything.

at least yours can find the washer and sink!!!

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Way too many for SS15 but Top 10(in no particular order)...

Says "Oh" when you correct repeated negative behavior
Chews with mouth open
Mixes all his food together
FORGETS EVERYTHING...followed by "Oh" when you remind him
Wants everything younger BS has
Crosses/Folds his legs when he sits
Sleeps flat with arms under his body
Has 3 more years to be 18 and O.U.T

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Sdipsh*t uses everyone as her personal assistant
Talks like a 14 year old and is 22
Talks like Kim Kardashian…..really…….really…..slow…..and everything is drawn out to take 10 minutes…..ratherrrrrrr……..thannnnnnn…….it…..taking…….one…….minute
Posts on Facebook about things she can't stand…….yet she is just like the people she can't stand
Says she's independent……..lives off everyone else
Plays the fake FB mom…..doesnt take care of her kid
Only does something nice for someone to get something in return
Is just a total loser who will never change

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Gawd, I've endured almost all of these and tons more for 11 misery filled years.

I fucking hate kids now.

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SD7 says...

"Look at this card I made!" And I stupidly look and praise it...

"Its for my MUM not for yooo!"

"Guess what I did at school today?!?" (I stupidly say "Wow, it must have been good! What happened?")

"I didn't mean yoooo, I was talking to DADDEEE..."

"I made this for Christmas!!!!!"

(Holy shit I KNOW what's coming)

"...It's not for YOU, it's for my Grandma!!!"


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1. Eats all food by stabbing it and then chewing on it like it's a corndog (but I guess this is a step up from eating everything, and I mean everything, with his fingers.
2. Globs of toothpaste in the sink. Twists the toothpaste tube instead of squeezing. You can't untwist those suckers. I told him if the tube looked like that again I was going to tan his hide. My son has to use that toothpaste too dammit!
3. Blank stare when explaining something he shouldn't do (not yelling or putting in time out, just explaining).
4. Blank stare at just about everything. Hello? Is anybody home??
5. Manipulating with his cutesy looks.
6. "That's not what mommy does!" Well no shit, Sherlock! I'm not your mom and I don't want the things I've worked so hard for to be annihilated by you and your sloppy ways. Your lazy ass mother on the other hand doesn't give a hoot about anything in her house.
7. Pick up the Effing legos! All of them! Not just the ones you selectively decide to pick up. I find them and you will never ever get them back. Oh, and by the way, picking up your stuff doesn't mean shoving it under the couch, ottoman, or your bed!!
8. Sucking up! This is the one thing I want to strangle him over. "This is the best day of my life! You are the best step-mom ever! I love you more than anything!" All of this translates to "I want to do something and I want you to say yes" or "I already destroyed something and if I'm super sweet maybe you won't punish me!"

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1. Cries about EVERYTHING. If she loses a sock, messes up, forgets something... EVERYTHING
2. Always loses shit. ALWAYS. Then cries about it
3. Always says she's STARVING when we go out to eat and orders a shit ton of stuff and only eats half of it
4. Eats off hubbys plate like they are newlyweds
5. ALWAYS fights with her brother to sit by hubby when we go out to eat.
6. Waits until 9pm to tell me she needs a certain item washed for the next day
7. Puts freshly washed/ folded clothes in her hamper because she's too lazy to put them away.
8. The list goes on. She just all around irritates me and is going to be a manipulative bitch just like her mother!

1. Well momma said .... this is my house and i dont give a shit what your mom says!
2. Pees all over the toilet seat
3. Stomps when he walks
He's a pretty good kid Smile

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I forgot a couple of things...


Sprays the whipped cream from the can directly into her mouth... and then leaves the empty can in the refrigerator.

Sings loudly and waayyy off key, then talks about her talent for singing.

Needs Daddeeee to cut up her steak or her pancake or whatever.

Talks like a 7 year old and thinks it's cute

Pretends to misunderstand stuff and thinks it's cute (News Flash,'s not cute anymore. It only makes you look stupid.)

Pretends to fall and hurt herself then cries like a freakin' toddler to get Daddeee's attention.

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on ur #3- take a picture!!!!

this totally worked with dh (thanks RWF!!!) when i took the pic, they thought it was all out of cuteness. ("aww look at u guys! *click*") a few wks later, i showed it again to dh, again with 'cuteness' ("awww look at u and your baaabyyy!") he looked, shut the phone and didnt say a word. hasnt happened since }:)

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Let’s see. I have a few more:
1. Leaves the cap off the soda after making a drink for themselves
2. SS9 pees on the toilet seat because he’s in a hurry to get back to his video game
3. Leaves dirty clothes on their bedroom floor after I tell them to put it in the hamper
4. Does not put their dishes in the sink
5. Brings food and drink into their rooms
6. Leaves video game controls on my floor
7. Do not shut the front door all the way
8. SS9’s know-it-all attitude
9. Talks about BM what how they do things at her place
10. SS9 hissing like a damn cat when you correct him for something
11. SS9 laying with his head right by the side door airbag in my car
12. Jumping on my couch (mainly SS9)
13. Random loud noises
14. SS9 asking to be carried like a baby through the stor becaues his "legs are tired"