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OMG Seriously??? What a drama queen.

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I know I've already posted today but I just have to vent...

SD13 saw me grilling a cheese sandwich in the kitchen and was hinting around for me to make her one. I told her it wasn't rocket science, put some cheese on the bread, a little butter in the pan and flip it over medium heat until it's brown.

Anyway, so she's standing in the kitchen flipping this grilled cheese, dropped the spatula, took a step back and tripped over a cast iron dutch oven that was lying in the floor (remember, I'm packing to move.)

Then she's like a damsel in distress. Hand to head. "I must've got dizzy."

I'm like, trying not to laugh, "You're fine"

Now she's in here sitting on the couch with her head back, grilled cheese on the table momentarily forgotten.

"How long was I out?" she asked.

"Uh, you weren't out. You were talking right away..." I tell her.

"Why do you think I was so dizzy?"

"I don't think you were dizzy. You tripped."

"Maybe I got too hot taking a shower in that hot bathroom, then standing over a hot stove..."

By this point I'm trying not to grit my teeth. "You dropped the spatula, then tripped over the cast iron pot. You did NOT get dizzy. You did NOT have any big incident. You're fine."

Finally, she shut up and is eating her grilled cheese.

Lord have mercy.


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LOLOLOL...That is super funny. Very drama queen. I have three of those (SO, SS and SD) Smile

BTW...I like to use mayo instead of butter on my grilled cheese. Yummy

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DUP.......whew, I got really dizzy writing this, posted twice, dang, I wonder what is the matter with me. I better sit, maybe get a full arm cast. Call a doc someone, pleeeeaaassssss

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was it the medicine?
i'll quote a response i gave in my last blog -

"yss was just in it for the attention. he even fell on the floor saying "oh this medicine made me dizzy!!!" then struggled to get up. i didnt say a word or even look until i needed something out of the fridge. he was acting like he was too week to get up off his back, so i told him "ruh roh! why dont u roll over and get up from your knees?" he hopped right up and scampered down the hallway.

again, he didnt TAKE *ANY* MEDICINE!!!"

the things some kids will do for attention......

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This is why I try not to cook, it's just not good for you, causing dizzy spells and whatnot.

Although, I make killer grilled cheese sandwiches (haven't fainted once).

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OMG when did my SD move in with you!!!!! Every little thing is a full scale emergency with her and it gets old!!!

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I want to know her real name, so when she takes to the stage, I can say....Hey....I knew her when she was a snot-nosed SD!

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A few years ago, SD15 had "fainting spells." They only happened at school assemblies in front of lots of people. They never happened at home. DH and BM rushed her to a doctor who couldn't find anything wrong with her. A couple of months ago, she was talking about that "time in her life," and said she fainted because of something to do with her blood pressure and anxiety. Last week, she said that she they weren't "fainting spells," they were "seizures." So she now has epilepsy.


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LMAO Y'all!!! I don't know why I try to read this stuff when my DH is in the room cause you make me laugh so hard I can't hold it in. Then I have to make up an excuse why I'm laughing my ass off Biggrin