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Child support/DOR experience?

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I went thru DOR when my XH and I divorced and we basically came to an agreement outside of the "guidelines" so I know a little but not alot of what they take into consideration. My FH and BM have an agreement that he pays the "babys" health insurance and he also gives her $75.00 a week in child support. He gives her a money order so that he has receipts (good boy). Anyways..she called him last night to tell him that she is going to apply for welfare because she "can't find a job". SHE HASNT EVEN GOTTEN OFF HER COUCH AND LOOKED..but anyways. So she told him that DOR will be bringing him to court for child support.

NOW my ? FH has no problem paying whatever they order him...BUT we are both curious how it will turn out. He has custody of my older SS5 (and he gets NO child support for him) and he pays daycare for him every week and his health insurance also. Will DOR take this into consideration?

Neither of us have a problem or issue with paying child support. What we have an issue is that we BOTH work hard, take care of our own children and she gets to sit home and collect $$ for being lazy. She lives with her mom so she doesn't pay rent and she gets food stamps so she doesn't buy food, her mom works at salvation army so she gets all her clothes for free. If you read my earlier post, she spends $50.00 of that $75.00a week renting a LAPTOP from rent a center so she can surf myspace and she gets her nails done every week.


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child that hopefully they will take into consideration that child in the child support amount that is set.

I believe he will get a credit (even if it is small) for being legally responsible for the older one, however, i don't think with her not working it will make a huge difference.

Courts sometimes really don't care or take into consideration that the child's other parent could work or should work.

She has no excuse (BM) that is. AND really how much welfare does she think she is going to get. BESIDES that money should pay for the child and not her expenses. My thoughts would be if she filed for the welfare they are going to ask if she gets child support. More than likely she is going to lie - but if she gets caught - they are going to make her pay the money back.

I am thinking they will take him to court and have him pay "child support" in order to keep her off of assistance. Good thing he has his receipts. She will look ignorant in there. I am hoping your man gets a fair shake at things and he should. He is paying child support and insurance. What more could that lazy heffa ask for...... I forgot some BMs think they are owed the world cause they had a baby.

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tried running the numbers through your online child support calculator for your state? that might give you an idea of how things are likely to turn out. Has mom been working until recently? Why did her employment end? Dad might be successful in asking that a wage be factored in for her. Even if it's only minimum wage it can alter cs drastically, and he should definitely ask for credit for and provide proof that he carries insurance on the child.

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Yes...I ran them thru and it shows about $150 a week..but it didn't give anyplace to put any type of credit for the fact that he has custody of another child that he pays daycare for (she is not BM of that child). I guess we will have to wait and see.

Also, she has NEVER worked..she said she can't "find a job" and that she doesn't need to work because she lives with her mom.

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almost definitely get an offset for the old child who lives with him. Make sure dad knows he can ask that an income be imputed and to ask for credit for the older child and the insurance.

"The beauty of life is, while we cannot undo what is done, we can see it, understand it, learn from it and change, So that every new moment is spent not in regret, guilt, fear or anger, but in wisdom, understanding, and love." -Jennifer Edwards

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Bring all the proof you need that he is paying for daycare, health insurance, and has legal custody of another child. This should affect his payment.

My SS's BM did this exact same thing to us. In our state, BM is considered "voluntarily underemployed" because she is perfectly qualified and capable of holding a job, she just chooses not to look for one. So they calculate CS obligation based on what she is ABLE to make at a job that she is qualified for, even though she was unemployed for 1.5 years due to getting fired and subsequently not looking for work. Now she supposedly works part time as a substitute, which would be making far less money than what she is capable of...but it still won't matter to the court.

I will say, that is one plus side to family court in TN. They may not take the kid away even if she poisons him and mentally abuses him, but they won't give her any more money than she deserves either. Hopefully she'll catch on soon and get a better job so that she'll have more money, since the court isn't going to make BF pay it to her.

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