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Update: BM's Arrest

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So BM has been sitting in jail since Friday, December 19, 2014 on 4 charges. So went in front of the judge today and she will be sitting in jail over Christmas, the judge will see her again next Tuesday for a pretrial. He will go over the charges, evidence and speak to the police officers that were involved and decided at the time if they should take it to trial. Her bail is $5,000 full cash :jawdrop: , I'm dying to know the details but can't get the report because I have to be a responsible adult and work.


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Yes it did....her biggest charge is class D felony - 3rd degree assault on a police officer

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I'm thinking this also, definitely since this is her 7th arrest this year.

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Yes here is the timeline:
January 2014 - 4th degree assault (domestic violence)- spent 1 night in jail

March 2014 - nonpayment on domestic violence charge - spent 2 nights in jail

June 2014 - noncompliance on domestic violence classes - spent 1 night in jail

June 2014 - Arrested for DUI, driving on suspended license, expired plates and no insurance (from a wreck that happened in May 2014). She spent 11 days in jail, was released on July 7, 2014

August 2014 - Arrested for public intoxication. Spent 4 hours in jail

August 2014 - Arrested for public intoxication, disorderly conduct 2nd degree and criminal mischief 3rd degree. Spent 2 days in jail

December 2014 - Arrested for harassment with physical contact no injury, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and 3rd degree assault on a police officer - 4 days and counting in jail

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I envision here hanging out of a rusty trailer door with a cigarette dangling out of her mouth and a Lynryd Skynyrd t-shirt with the sleeves cut out adorning her bosom.

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A friend of mine's sister did 2 years for rear ending a police officer while under the influence. Intentional or not, they do not take that lightly.

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WOW :jawdrop:

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My Ex picked up our BS18 from work - drunk. He was yelling at BS, driving 60 on a main thoroughfare, and almost crashed into a line of police cars that were cleaning up a previous accident. They drew guns on him, demanding he get out of the car. (My son told me all this). DH and I get a call (midnight mind you!!!) from the police. Can you imagine how terrified I was thinking my son had been killed or something? They asked us to come pick up BS. DH went and Ex was standing against a police car in cuffs. They said he was right at the legal limit, so by the time they took him downtown, he would be under legal limit and the official breathalyzer would be enough for him to be released. They asked if DH would take Ex home. DH said no because this wasn't the first time he had driven in that condition. BS said that before DH arrived, Ex was crying and begging him to call someone to come get him. The cops ended up having pity on him and drove him to his apartment. I wish he would spend some time in jail.

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That BM is a train goodness, can't you have her admitted to a house of crazy or duck tape her to a park bench so she can just stay out of trouble, or call the circus and see if they need staff to travel with them or something, she needs a damn babysitter to watch over her!