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I feel like a telephone

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So my ss5 is staying with us this xmas and it seems that there are complaints for everything and everyone has to be tailored always. He cried at nearly 1am because he wasnt getting a bedtime story because it was late. I had to tell DH that he wasnt a bad person for telling his kid to go to sleep. His step dad shouted at DH to buy the kid meat (we are veggies) and we already have meat in the house for him and tailor his meals to be meat based. Now when he is here he doesnt care and wants milk and cereal so we have expensive meat not being used because he doesnt chose to eat it. We have a limit for food and i am breastfeeding baby. We spend 40 euros a week for a family for 3 when he isnt here and with covid there isnt a lot of money. We have a good relationship but all he seems to do is talk at me and interrupt everyone to the point that his dad has had to speak to him about it. I will be dealing with my crying baby and he says look at this game and keep on and on and i cant. I want to like him but its hard. His mum gets CM from DH, doesnt work and lives off of her partner and she hasnt worked a day in her life. We are younger parents but DH and i have always worked. SS5 cant eat a meal without requiring everyone's attention on him to the point i feel dizzy eating near him. When i hear him speak it makes me angry and i feel so bad. I used to look forward to him being here but now he just leaves lights on and crap around his room. I was tired enough babysitting him throughout the pregnancy in summer but now i feel like a used telephone, all he does is talk at us. There are more rules in the house now which is good but dad said to me the other day "i wish i had of met you earlier, maybe things would have been different."


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Why does the child's stepdad (I am assuming that is the person you are referencing) get any say in what you feed SS in your home?  There are plenty of healthy vegetarian meals he can eat and get all the nutrition he needs. 

Your focus and energy should be reserved for your baby, and your husband needs to handle SS's neediness.  He needs to be the one to put some structure in place - a 5 year old should not be awake at 1 AM, period.   He is the person who should give SS the attention he needs, but also should start to teach him that he can't be the center of the world all the time. 

Congratulations on the baby and I hope you are getting plenty of time to recover and bond. 

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TELL step daddy and bm to buzz off. They have zero business in your home.

IF they want to continue telling you and dh what to cook etc, send them a bill for 1/2 your rent.OR mortgage AND 1/2 food bill cost.  


Kids leave lights on,,,so do adults. Just turn them off.

Focus on your baby ALWAYS.