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Results back for SS20

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It felt really good to know that I did the right thing pushing for this assesment!

SS is not bipolar. 

He does have Autism, ADHD and Anxiety disorder- None of which I ever questioned. His therapist told me to apply for social security again for him and she sees no reason why we would be denied adult guardianship. So my weekend will be doing just that. 

I am really proud of SS for hanging in for all the testing. It was a total of 6 hours over 3 different sessions- so I know he was mad at me for it but he did it. 


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Thankfully this will hopefully get your SS the help he needs.

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What about depression? Did therapist address his changes you described in your other post and attribute them to those known behavior syndromes?

Did his meds get updated or changed?

Glad he stuck it out and you ,too, are so devoted and caring.



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He isn't depressed according to him and the testing. It is all Autism related behavior and not out of what should be expected from him. Not that it's right and not that he doesn't need correction and more instruction and reminders- but his normal- if that makes sense?

We are taking him off Lithium over the next 2 months, which I am REALLY happy about. I have hated him being on it and he is on a high dose- so prayers for me as we begin this journey because I am sure that it won't be pretty some days as he is detoxing this from his system!