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PAS Question

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Something really festering in my head is this video that BM recorded of SS saying he wasn't coming out for Christmas. Has anyone ever had anything like that brought up in court?

The judge told SS that he didn't get to make this choice, that his dad has done nothing to deserve having visitation stopped and that they need to work on a healthy relationship when we were in court over the summer. 

I guess I am especially irked by it's existence since somehow BM has convinced him that it is ME that wants him for visitation and not his dad and that his dad doesn't care about him at all. The level of brainwashing is so insane. 

Part of me hopes a judge would see this for what it is and see that this scripted thing BM did is child abuse and alienation to the 100th degree but I just don't know what will happen in this crack pot court. 

I am just curious if videos of "I hate my dad" were ever effective in stopping visits. 


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15 now, we have had one continuous hearing since he was 10 yrs old. Nothing ever completed. 

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That's if the judge even allows it to be seen. We had a witness present for some stuff we had on Meth Mouth during one of our many court visits, the judge didn't even ask to speak to our witness, he just rolled over all the evidence we presented, patted Meth Mouth on the the head and gave her a better holiday schedule.

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Agreed, and the OP's attorney should shoot it down if they try to introduce it. Even though I think it will make BM look bad, if anything. 

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I'm pretty sure DH's huge efforts to see his son prove he wants to....see his son?


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When BM tried to get full custody to move away with my SDs, her attorney tried to introduce videos of them supposedly saying that they wanted to move with her and just see DH in the summer. This was after we’d paid out the ass for a home study etc where the girls had told the social worker the opposite. DH’s attorney objected and the judge refused to even look at the videos. I just can’t see any ethical judge taking a video like that into consideration as actual evidence. Especially not one that is so clearly staged as the one in your case.