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My daughter's Birthday and her dad and SM are joining us at the hotel

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Ok, let me start by saying that I get along great for the most part with my ex. His wife and I have a pretty decent friendship at this point.

However, I don't want to spend a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge with my ex! I really don't want to with DH being gone! I don't mind SM... maybe she can leave exH at her parents house? LOL She and I are already planning our cocktails for the weekend. 

I know... Petty.... They are flying all the way from California to be there for BD12's birthday. It is great, it will be fine. They have 2 younger kids to run around after (5 and 8 yr old) so it's not going to be me having to carry on with them for hours on end. My kids are all in middle school. I just have to make sure they are in our room at night. I can read and sip and enjoy. I realize this is such a 1st world issue and how silly I sound... I just get really bad anxiety and without DH to calm my crazy... Ugh... 

We have separate rooms, so we aren't going to be on top of each other, just close proximity for longer than I prefer LOL I mean there are reason we are exes! Ok, done.. Someone tell me I am not crazy. 


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Your not crazy.  I think you could have the most ammicable split in history and STILL not want to be in such close proximity with an ex.

Sounds stressful, but you got this!!!

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You are not crazy. I would much rather spend time with my ex’s new wife than with him. 

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 you’re not crazy. It’s uncomfortable. My ex-husband decided to join me and my husband on our tiny little beach party I threw for my son for graduation. (Just me, my DH, my sister and her DH, my son and  my SD) And he brought his parents along and his girlfriend. I figured they were going to have their own party but instead he asked if he could come to mine. I said yes, it was awkward. 

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Aw, Sweetie,

Even empaths like you get exhausted, from time to time, doing the ‘right thing’. Particularly after a painful surgery, having your DH ‘out to sea’ and missing your military friends.

Your ex-husband’s new wife sounds like a kind woman who might be persuaded to have the ex occupy the children while you women kick back and tipple.

Hon, I’m one of your biggest fans and insist that you use this opportunity to slow down, rest your post-surgery, grass widow self and allow the ex and his nice wife to take charge of yon assortment of children.

Tell them that theoldredhen says so!


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Thanks Ladies!

Red-  I promise to take care of myself too. I actually just had a great weekend with my mom and sister. Brunch, movies, lots of laughs. I needed it!

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It works for kids, so .... ?