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Matchy Holiday Family PJ's

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A tradition that I have always had with my kids is new coordinating holiday PJ's. You get them Christmas eve. Dh and his son have really enjoyed my silly tradtion, especailly now that the kids are older we get really goofy PJ's. 

Old navy was having a huge sale yesterday so I got us all a set from there. I don't know why I got one for SS15. We ALL know he isn't going to show. I don't know why I did it. We still have his onsie from last year that he hasn't even seen. I guess it is a good thing that DH and SS19 and BS14 all wear the same size as SS15. 

I guess I am just a sucker...


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You keep it in a box to show him later if he ever comes looking for DH, along with receipts for every certified birthday card you sent, last year's onesie, copies of medical records and court orders, etc. You can show him that you always saw him as part of the family even if he didn't at the time.

You're not a sucker, you're just "playing the long game".

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Yes, this, exactly. DH kept every gift he bought SS while he was alienated, and eventually, he got to give them to him.  We left them in his bedroom on his bed (even after his bedroom became more of an office/spare room).

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So much of what we got for SD is still in the boxes or untouched in her room. Calico critters, this bean bag pillow she HAD to have, craft kits... 

DH bought us 3 santa hats for photos this year. Bet you she isn't around for a picture. We have a baby now so we are definitely take some pictures with or without SD!


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It took me a couple of years to stop thinking of "Oh Spawn would like that" when it came around time for her birthday and Christmas. Just because the kid is a sh*thead now doesn't mean you didn't care about him at one point.

I had my own period of I guess grieving when Spawn phased out for good. I didn't like who she had become, but good bad or otherwise I had been in her life since she was 5 and helped raise her.

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to completely eraticate all signs of skids after the last one (the houseshitter) had officially PASed out.  Of course this started the phase where Chef blamed the PASout on ME exclusively which lasted for about 2-3 years AFTER the one year anniversary of the houseshitter's PASout.

I would clean the attic (the attic now just has a furnace up there and no longer used for storage) and would come across skid crap that I bought for them (plastic easter eggs etc)  The sting was that much greater since neither I nor my bios had celebrated holidays as children.