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FINALLY Good Court news

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This was the "are you guilty or not hearing" for contempt- so glad we didn’t go.


Judge was PISSED at BM's attorney for writing the order wrong. Ours will submit his order that we helped write today and that will be the true order.


We have to be out there for the actual hearing on March 13th. There will be testimony. BM's Lawyer tried to put SS on the stand to say he didn’t want to go, but Our Lawyer told the judge and BM's attorney that it didn’t matter what SS wanted, there was an order and BM violated it. The JUDGE AGREED!


They are going to take up contempt for Last spring break, the cruise cost, summer, phone calls, communication, Christmas and having a writ of assistance on the 13th. 


Our lawyer said that the Judge was super cold and obviously pissed at BM's attorney. FINALLY something good! 


SS is supposed to fly out for spring break the week after the hearing. This should all be quite interesting.


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Great news!!! Hope everything works out for you and H's favor. If BM's held accountable for her contempts that should assist in putting an end to the BS and alienating of SS. 

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I put this date on my calendar to check back for updates from you. I'm so fascinated and disgusted up to this point in how much your BM has gotten away with. I'm so so so glad there is something happening that looks promising....fingers crossed.

I really hope your DH gets time with his son and his son is the able to show his true love for his dad. <3 

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Sounds like progress - in the right direction.  I hope the judge remembers this for the next conversation.  Fingers crossed for you guys

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I have so little faith in the court you're dealing with that I won't consider it good news until you're actually successful on the 13th, but I guess this gives cause for a little bit of hope.  Fingers crossed that all goes well on the 13th.


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I think at this point her attorney has made the judge look stupid 2X now - once violating the Soldiers and Sailors Act and now taking his direct order and twisting it to read how BM wishes it was. I don't think he is going to go quite so universally with BM's lawyer anymore. 

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I don't understand why her attorney would be so stupid. Defying a judge's order seems like Things Lawyers Shouldn't Do 101. Given the attorney's behavior, have you considered turning him in to the state's Bar Association? Seems like he needs to be reminded that he isn't BM's personal justice system.

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We often wonder if she is not only banging the attorney but the judge too. Small town... 

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I mean seriously though. How does a woman who "doesn't work" afford all of this legal crap? 

She is, for all intents and purposes, poor. Lawyers are not for the poor. 

Services in kind - a effing for an effing. 

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Must be a NEW JUDGE!  That or said judge got burned on another PAS case.

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Same judge, I think he is getting tired of BM not following his orders and her attorney doing the same. 

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The only conclusion I can come to is that BM and her attorney are pushing to see how far they can go and will ask for forgiveness. I just hope they pushed too far this time.