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CPS family drama update

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*** Update**** - CPS is on the way. My niece finally reached out to me. She is freaking out. I know I did the right thing but I still have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I just keep looking at that baby's bruised up face. I don't need any of this shit in my life. I feel like I need to block them all from my phone and my facebook and just ghost them all. I have enough stress with my own family and my SS. I don't need this too but I couldn't just not do anything.


If you need to read back on my last blog please do.

Basically, my sister got mad at my niece (24yrs old) started hitting her missed and my niece's 1 yr old took some to the face. 

Anyway, my niece told my sister when she was being screamed at the next day that "Even Aunt JMTB" said I need to call the police. So then my sister spent 2 days sending me hate texts. So that was fun but finally stopped. I should have blocked her but I just ignored all but one where she started trash talking my kids. I said she need to find out the real root of her anger because being mad at me isn't doing any good. After all, I wasn't the one that punched a baby.

Well, now my niece has stopped talking to me because I think my sister has gotten back in her head. I called CPS to report it myself this morning. There was no report filed which tells me the police were never called and the baby was never taken to a doctor. 

They keep the report anonymous but let's be real, they will know it was me. Let the good times roll, I guess. I am going to try and set up an imagur account so that I can show the baby's face. It is so bad.

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The link doesn't work for me - it says "this user has no posts".

I kind of figured your niece would not get her mother arrested.  Good for you for calling CPS. 

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The link works. You did the right thing. Your niece is too far in the fog of abuse to stand up for her child. I hope this is the first step to her finding her way out.

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You did the right thing. Missing and hitting the baby once was bad enough, but it sounds like she was out of control to the point where she hit the baby more than once - no excuse for any of it.

The link didn't work for me either.

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no good deed unpunished. no advice, just support.  link wont work for me either, but thanks for the update.*sorry2*