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Counselor invited me to the conference too!

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I am cracking up this morning! BM is going to be pissed! The 504 counselor invited me to join the conference too (I did not ask to be included)! BM was copied on the e-mail. She is going to lose it when she sees it this morning!

I will update and let y'all know if he shows up to the conference, I am doubting anything happening and feel like BM will just keep him home from school today. 



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Let her keep him home and not show. That alone should tell the school a bit of what's going on. 

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I can't believe it! The conference happened.

HOWEVER- it was 2 seperate video conferences going on at the same time - so we couldn't see BM and she couldn't see us.

BM is working under the table and I am sure she didn't want a screen shot of her in work clothes because she wants higher CS and Alimony to continue. 

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LMAOOOOOO - she lives there and had a video conference? If she "isn't working" why would she have to video in, instead of going to the school? 

I mean, could you subpoena the school official to discuss in what setting BM was in? Work, etc.? Or the reason, if any, for her need to video in. It's logical for someone out of state - not so much for someone that lives right there.

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That will  be the plan. This is the 2nd conference she has missed for SS since school started. All for her "volunteer work" at the marijuana dispensary.