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Appeal has officially been filed

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I have no idea how this is going to go but I am ready to be done with BM and SS!

I am a little confused though. We are filing the appeal and also 4 contempt charges and asking for judgement on a previous contempt that had judgement held. The judge would have to find her guilty at this point and all the costs assoicated with these will also go into our final CS arearage calculations. 

At one point out lawyer said the appeal was in a different court, but today he said that the contempts will be heard at the same time. I don't know how that will happen since they don't have anything to do with the appeal. I am so confused. 


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for these ongoing issues so you and your family can move on. Your lawyer is a shit lawyer and unfortunately I don't see that changing. It is just so digusting what BM has gotten away with and how the family court system has been failing you. Hopefully it will be the last time you need to go to court regarding CS, BM, and your SS.