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WTF?? xSM tries to kill xskid

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I... wow... holy.

You know I have slapped a profane mouth... but this is just holy shit wrong!! She tried to kill an 8 year old by beating him with a dumbbell!!


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yeah it was bratty: but also figure the kid has been through major trauma AND all the police and everyone are giving him tons of attention and telling him how wonderful he is... and now reporters are giving him even more attention.

Kids are naturally narcissistic, its up to the parents to teach them humility and the fact that the world does not revolve around them

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I don't care how "bad" or "evil" this kid was/is...that shouldn't ever happen to any child. It's disgusting how anyone can defend her even a little.

That little boy is a hero for fighting back and I hope the fight he gave her will stay etched in her mind forever.

Bet she's looking forward to sentencing. She ought to hope and pray that the bioparents don't give her a beatdown in court. They happen all the time.