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A little mid-week reflection, if anyone wants to play: list one good thing and one bad thing that has happened for you so far this week.

Good - I got tipsy yesterday evening and fast-walked 2 miles around the!

Bad - Don't feel so great today.



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Good - Picking up my dd for her summer visit today!

Bad - ate McDonald's yesterday, feelin pretty crappy today

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Good - BD has adapted well to her new school and is loving mathletics. Made an impossible bid submission deadline.

Bad - load shedding at home time, BM is showing full moon psycho signs, it's teething week and work is pressured.

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Good - did double workouts Monday and Tuesday and a long walk with the dogs today. AND we leave for Disney today!

Bad - SO has been out of town and I've been up until 1am every night unable to sleep Sad

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Good - I don't have to get SKids on my day off Friday (hasn't actually happened yet, but I'm still happy about it)

Bad - I'm going TDY for work the entire month of July for the first time. No one at work is willing to help me complete my orders. I have no idea what I'm doing. GRRRRRR

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Good - got 3 new clients this week

Bad - no freakin' idea how I am going to get all of this work done

Good - with all of this work to do, I can stay away form the skids

Bad - got nothin' on that! Blum 3

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Good - got to hang out and drink wine with one of my best friends yesterday.

Bad - I don't have a ride to the pool today because my car is stupid effin broke!

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Good- Was one of only 12 people (and one of three women) out of every adult student at my martial arts school chosen for Special Teams. YAY! (DH was chosen too!)

Bad- Poor BS19 was up all night Monday night with the puke bug. That's the worst.

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Bad: House closing on Friday was delayed. Found out that the two brothers who signed off on all the paperwork are not the only people on the title. There is a sister as well. Also, appraisal won't be in until Thursday. Oh, and even though my DH isn't on the loan, they still need copies of his tax returns and W2s for the past 3 years. The tax returns are there already. The W2s are packed...somewhere. UGH

Good: The delay is only supposed to be until the afternoon. They are going to leave some of the furniture and the piano that I loved. The closing costs are only going to be half of what I had figured they were going to be. Smile

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Good: I finally got offered the permanent position at the place I am temporary now
Bad: I will not be getting a pay raise

Good: No one expects anything out of me anymore at home
Bad: It's because I am moving out as soon as I can save money

Good: My dad is among the living
Bad: He was diagnosed with prostate cancer
Bad/Good : I am not sure how to feel about it as I am not sure how to feel about him overall as he was a very temperamental, harsh dad who was rarely around and when he was, we were always so afraid he'd blow up at us, us kids made ourselves scarce to the point of moving out when I was 16 (like ALOT of my siblings)

Good: I have moments where I feel ok that I am moving out and moving on
Bad: It hurts that SO of 6+ years seems to have no emotion about it at all(after all I've done for him and his daughter and his family for those very same 6+ years)

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Wow, sounds like you're going through a lot. It's nice that you're still able to see some 'good' things! Wink

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Good: The insurance FINALLY approved me getting an MRI.
Bad: I have NO willpower and continue to be a pig.
Ugly: DH is probably off this weekend which means we'll have skids. :sick:

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Sorry, skids will probably not help with you being a pig, because I know it doesn't me!

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good - had a lovely conversation w/ dh last night
bad - effing work.

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?? One demerit for you, I didn't ask for 'worse'.

Ha, Former's 'good' was also talking to you (if you didn't already see).

Thanks for reminding me that I need to make a hair appointment! Your loss, my gain!! Blum 3 Biggrin Biggrin

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You bitch! Blum 3 I'll never forget the first time I heard 'Jack and Diane' - at the pool with some friends, around age 12, trying to get up the courage to go off the high dive and impress the cute 'guy' I liked. Ahhh, memories!!

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Good: sold my house in Canada, the market finally recovered enough to make it worth it, although not having to deal with CRA will be priceless!

Bad: Was grumpy yesterday and ended up almost yelling at a grocery store employee for the stupid Dutch custom of posting opening times, "Open until 10pm!" which really mean, "It's 9.45, ma'am, it's time for you to pay and leave because I want to go home." NOT a customer-oriented country.

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Congratulations! It took forever to sell my condo and I had to accept quite a price reduction - really sucked. On the brighter side, we got a nice house that was less at the time than it would have been now!

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Good: had a great time with hubby each night this week

Bad: stuck with SD and her bff for 2 weeks.