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No Victory

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It finally happened.  Anyone who has read my previous entries knows that things have not been good at home for a long time.  SS17 has clearly been very unhappy for years, and cannot get along with others in this house.  After the episode last week, where SS17 became physically aggressive toward DD14, I had more than enough.  I've had enough of this stuff for a very long time, and tolerated way more than I should have.  Luckily no one was injured last week, but I knew serious changes had to be made.  

I made the decision that SS17 can no longer live in the house.  I'm the homeowner.  My girlfriend began looking for a place for her and her son, and I understood but it didn't change my mind.  In the end SS17 is now with his father, and perhaps this is the best possible outcome.  For what it's worth, SS17 now seems to regret his actions.  But it's too late.  And it's a pattern, not a one time thing.  I don't feel happy about kicking him out, but it had to be done for everyone's sake, including his.


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Is your girlfriend staying with you for now? 

I am so glad you stood your ground on this!! 

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@justmakingthebest, she is for now.  I understand her choice either way.

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You made the only decision a responsible parent could make -- to protect your daughter. Not that it was an easy decision, but it was the right one. SS needs help and I hope he gets it.