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Well, here's where BM is gonna get the drama she was probably hoping for

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So the inlaws haven't found out yet that their favorite grandchild (SD9) is now living at BMs fulltime. They just messaged DH asking if they can have her this weekend, since she would have been at our house next week normally. DH replied to them that she won't be here this weekend, but they can still stop by to visit if they want (they didn't mention seeing the other kids at all). No response so far, any bets on what it will be? I'm betting it'll be the same as when they blew off DS1 first birthday party because SD wasn't gonna be there and all of a sudden they'll be busy.

Also, I'm sure once they find out SD isn't living with us anymore BM will get her wish of having them go to her regarding SD instead of DH. Have fun with the looney, BM.

ETA: they ended up replying "they'll see what happens and get back to him." What a surprise.


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See, there's a golden lining to every cloud!

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Wow. They do realize that your kids are their grandkids, right?

My dad's wife treats my sisters' kids (her step-grandkids) better than your in-laws treat your kids, their actual grandkids.

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They honestly treat them like they are also step grandkids and its an "us vs them" mentality with SD being part of them

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That's just really sad. My dad's wife has her issues but she has always treated her step-grandkids well. She treated my sisters like crap, but treats their kids well.

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I think its abusive honestly, to use a 1 and 2 year old to play games like that. I mean, they're young enough to ACTUALLY be completely innocent.

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My MIL is the same way.  She told DH that she doesn't have time for more grandkids.  She only considers DH's kids with BM (who she hates) as her grandkids.  She has never met DD1 or DD2.  We are having another kid and we aren't even going to tell her.  My DH ripped her a new one the last time she reached out so she is staying away.

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Good riddance! Let them bug BM and they can all live as one big dysfunctional family, and you can have some peace!

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They'd both be told they aren't welcome anywhere near me or my kids. No way would I let anyone do that to my children. That kind of rejection can be devestating to a child. Send them two red bows to put on their heads for that first visit with BM. What hateful people.

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They are vile and your family will be better off without their double standards and stress they cause you.