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Something to be thankful for

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SD was a no show again this morning. What a relief. I hate having someone in my home nitpicking and searching for reasons that we're not good enough and/or to get us in trouble with her mommy and aunt.

I'm assuming 2 no shows means she has no intention of coming over again anytime soon, but BM has not actually said anything again. I'm guessing she's waiting for DH to break down and beg and cry.


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The longer he waits before begging and crying the madder she will be for him not begging and crying sooner. 

I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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I'm guessing she's waiting for DH to break down and beg and cry.


When SD was 15 and had her melt down, BM called and left a message that SD would not be coming over, anymore, and if DH had any questions he could call her (BM) and she would be glad to answer them (she's so helpful and accommodating). I'm sure she expected DH to call her right away; mad, begging, and ready for a fight. Then, BM would tell SD what an ass her dad was.

He never did call her. We went on with our lives, he talked to SD periodically on the phone, and she eventually came over on her weekends, again (though it was short lived).

Sometimes, you just have to quit playing their games.

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Agreed. DH said even if he starts to feel guilty again he's not going to be reaching out because he knows that's what they want. It's definitely a control thing too - BM wants to be in control through SD (as does MIL) and SD is used to getting to run the show.