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SD gone most of the week

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So SD is with her mom on mondays right now, plus today and tomorrow she is stuck there because of the weather and school being cancelled. And then this weekend she is staying with the in laws so basically shes only here two days this week! I'll get to see what having just a weekend skid is like Haha. 

I'm sure MIL will end up making up for that by causing extra drama related to SD this weekend. Especially since we're announcing that we're expecting another and she will want to take the joy out of that and put the focus back on SD, but oh well.


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Easy solution! MIL is no longer invited to your announcement! LOL

I'm kidding... But seriously. Congratulations!!! Tha's exciting!!!

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I wish! If only MIL and FIL weren't still married...I don't think DH would put up with MIL as much if he could see his dad more separately. And thank you!

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Congratulations!  I don't understand why some MIL are like this.  You would think they would be super happy to know they are having another grandchild but instead they worry about the already super spoiled one!  My MIL definitely favors SD over the other grandkids and it makes no sense to me seeing as she is the most annoying of them.  My SM also has grandkids she favors over all the others.  It must be a crazy person thing!

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Well MIL is happiest when others are unhappy so she can be the one to rescue and control them. And SD loves to cry and play the victim. She is definitely a lunatic.