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The return of the BM drama

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I called it. BM is on the warpath trying to cause drama again, likely because of things going south with her boyfriend/fiance/whatever he is now. In very covert ways like usual, so she can claim innocence, but since we've seen this pattern over and over we know what shes doing. 

She ignored FILs bizarre Christmas message to her on Facebook for 3 weeks. Started messaging him a bunch in response yesterday - over 3 weeks later. Has been bringing SD to school late nearly every day, hoping DH will freak out when he gets notifications about it. Messaged yesterday and the day before asking for more and more days with SD. Admittedly a new tactic, but it seemed like she was hoping for a fight with it, asking to have her basically all of August (fine by me) and then adding a couple more days, along with a couple other times during the school year. Then going back and forth between acting agreeable about the details of the schedule change and being demanding. Usually shes fought having her even an extra half hour. I'm sure she was assuming we would say no to at least some of it and be able to argue.

Also, bringing SD late to school again nearly every day shes had her since Christmas break. That only happens when shes single. Ugh, this is just the beginning. I hope she finds a new guy soon before it's back to square one with her.



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Gotta love HCGUBMs :(  It is honestly pretty pathetic and transparent when they act like this yet think they are getting away with something!  

I'm sure given the fact that she can't get her to school on time and the fact that she is newly single or whatever will result in even more schedule changing.  I also doubt she will actually take her all the extra time she is asking for.  If so lucky you! LOL!  I wish BM would take my SD more and we don't even have her as much as you have your SD.  

I think this is normal for the BMs we deal with here.  They ramp up the crazy when they lose their latest victim.  I hated when BM was going through a break up and single.  It was like she hyper focused on our lives instead of facing her own issues.  

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"They ramp up the crazy when they lose the latest victim"

Yep, 1000%. I'm curious if she does this to her other exes also. I know she tends to try to kind of keep all of them on the back burner in case she needs them later, but I wonder if they get the crazy or if that's reserved for the one that has to have some contact with her no matter what.

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Yep, they need a "target of blame", unfortunately in our case BM's target of blame has always been DH.  I think the other victims get off easier b/c they didn't create a spawn with the devil.  

What makes me curious is how these men that do stick around with BM don't take issue with BM trying to be overly involved in and control our lives.  If I was dating someone and they were constantly texting their ex or worried about their ex and their new SO I would take issue with that.  Even if they do have a demon spawn together the over communication is excessive.