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Opening child support case

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Does anyone know how long it takes to be notified if BM were to open a CS case? Like would we know right away or not until court papers are served (which could be awhile).


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So awhile after it's been filed for? It took nearly a year to get to get to court for my ODS with child support, but I can't remember any details about before that. 

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Last time BM filed, DH got the summons within a month of filing. If the petitioner wins the case, they get CS back to the date of filing. I don't know how else they would let you know - she has to win her case before it will be ordered. 

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If she does it through the court it shouldn't take too long. If she already has an order and filed with dcss to enforce or review the order, it could take 6 months. By that time there could be significant arrearages piled up. 

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In our experience custody needs to be done first then CS. SO was the one to serve BM with custody and that only took a few weeks. That was in 2018 so things might be different now.