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More tiktok posts at BMs from SD

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As a recap, SD prefers BMs house because she has free access to whatever online there and not here.

I think I already posted about the one where she holds up a knife, and the one she posted with BM where they ask a magic 8 ball "is my mom crap?" but here's a couple new ones

One where she's shaking her butt dancing weird and at the end it says "don't look at my privet." 

And another one where she posts herself making weird faces and above her is written "if bed bugs live in beds, where do cockroches live." Then in the comments she writes at least I'm not a boy - so she clearly gets the joke.

Real cute for a 9 year old to be posting publicly, huh?

ETA: just found another one where SDs friend squishes a gummy bear and says "when you're chonky" and then SD takes a gummy and says "when you find another chonky girl" and makes it look like her gummy bear is grinding with her friends. The friend pulls her gummy bear away right away and drops it.

Also, unrelated to the rest of this, but BM has a ton of pictures of herself when she was younger all over her house. Just seems odd to me.


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NINE?! I thought she was 12, but NINE?!

Report her TikTok. I think you have to be 13 to have one anyway. 

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Yeah, the thing is she'll make another one and we probably won't be able to find it because it's not under her actual name. We didn't even know she had this one until almost a year after she started it.

And yep, she's 9. Started posting right before she turned 9. When she's 12 I'm sure it'll be even worse.

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The skids say to us that Toxic BM lays in bed and watches it all day apparently. Thats the role model we share the skids with. They watch YouTube a lot apparently over there and there's no parental control we are sure. It's so frustrating we can't control what goes on in the other house. SD is almost 7 and I catch her dancing infront of SS putting her bum in his face and swaying her hips. She's either learnt that from her mother or watching tik tok and YouTube. She immediately stops when she sees I've caught her doing it. She obviously knows we don't approve, and it's just so wrong this sexual crap is so easily exposed to kids these days. 

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BM used to obsessively post on IG. Sometimes you could see SD in the background being ignored on videos. So yeah, same type of role model.

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Wow we have that problem too. SD is allowed to have a Snapchat but her mother doesn't allow a Tik Tok. What sense does that make? They're very similar, it's a form of social media. Im her friend on snap cause we have no other way of contacting her(her phone is not turned on) so I've seen her post at like 1am on a school night and she just turned 11. At our house we don't allow phones at bedtime or in their rooms while they sleep cause we know they'll be up all night on them.. 

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I don't think any social media is really healthy for them. I'm fine with things like messenger kids, or online games with safety features. But anything that's based on gathering likes and attention isn't psychologically healthy to me. Dealing with popularity contests and stuff at school is enough, they don't need access to it 24/7.

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Well, both her and ODS10 will be watching a video series we found that teaches kids about internet safety for one thing. And the electronics are on lockdown here so she doesn't have access to anything age inappropriate. Not much we can do about BMs house if she doesn't care.

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An only fans or tinder account yet?