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More I want I want with some manipulation on top

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So as expected, SD wanted to use ODS Christmas gifts. Has she touched any of hers? Nope. But ODS got some outdoor toys so naturally she actually wants to go outside and use them. She tells me shes going outside with ODS and I say (nicely) okay, but remember those are his toys. Why say this? Because she normally just grabs his stuff without even asking. (I have a prior blog where she used up all the papers in his art kit from his bday) In particular, I dont want her using up the snow paint stuff that he got. If there hadnt been so many prior issues with things related to this, maybe I'd be more flexible on it and probably wouldn't even feel the need to say anything. But since he can never touch a dman thing of hers but always takes everything his...nah.

So I after I tell her that she goes over to ODS and in her most poor me, victim-y voice says "sorry ODS, I guess I cant go play outside because your mom said that's your stuff."

Uh that's not even remotely what I said, but way to try to manipulate it. 


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They shouldn't even be playing together unsupervised anyway. Not out of earshot. Not the way she bullies him.

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Yes it all your fault. Funny how some kids will try turn everything around on you.