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I touched on this a tiny bit in my last blog entry, but apparently BM and her fiance have not set a date because they've had too difficult of a time with getting the kids to adjust to living together. Reading between the lines of what she said combined with random things SD has told me it appears that her fiance is very much in the same situation as me: SD bullies his kid and fiance doesn't really want to be around SD much. Is it wrong that it kinda makes me smirk a little and feel like this is karma for BM? She wanted this kid for no reason other than to keep a man and now uses her for attention constantly and shes actually now what's keeping a man from committing to her. 

Also, it feels a little vindicating to know that her fiance cant stand her any more than I do. It doesn't sound like he's ever been mean, just that hes ended up disengaging, just like me. Except I guess he was a little smarter and is holding off on marriage.

On a side note, this week has been  much better with DH and hes been continuing to try to improve things. So hopefully one day it will at least only be SD irritating me and not the interactions between the two.


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Two months after BM dumped the kids on DH to move in with her boyfriend, he married her.

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Go figure.

When I first met DH that was BMs plan also. She was going to move 4 hours away and wanted DH to have her 100% of the time. She thought that DH was going to just take it and she would be completely free with no kid and no child support payments. 

Then her boyfriend broke up with her and she found out DH was going to file for custody and CS as soon as she moved (because DH was an idiot and trusted GBM with that info). All of a sudden she wasnt moving and she wanted her exactly 50/50.

At the time I was disappointed but now I'm SO glad she didnt move.

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Enjoy the karma!  I thoroughly enjoyed hearing that BM's "wonderful new love" was suddenly refusing to marry her.  She makes a big deal out of being a "proper Christian lady" who is far better than everyone, particularly Slutty McSlutterson me, and told everyone who would listen that they were only living together because he bought the new house but they would be married just as soon as they were settled.  I guess he got to really know her and the skids before she could seal the deal.  Bad move on her part!  LOLOLOLOL