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It's supposed to be SD week

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This weekend is supposed to be an SD weekend. I wonder what the chances of her getting dropped off are after the no show last time? I'm guessing she's not going to be here, but I could see it going either way.


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It doesn't seem quite fair to you to have to just wait and wonder every weekend. Has DH asked BM if SD is ever coming over again?

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No, we haven't said anything. It does suck not knowing, but opening the door to more accusations and drama by asking fills me with even more dread.

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How long has it been since you've seen your SD? I haven't seen my skids since early September. The thought of them coming back causes me stress. I too don't really know if or when they would ever come here. The thought of it causes me anxiety. It's the not knowing. My partner was on the phone with them a few weeks ago and when I realized he was talking to them I could feel my blood pressure rising. It's so hard. 

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2 months, but the visits before that were only a couple hours each.

I just flat out don't want to deal with it anymore. I dont care who they make up sob stories to, or if I end up looking like the evil stepmom. I'm over it.

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Make your plans and proceed.  It would only make them happy to know you wasted your weekend on their game.  

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I'm going to be the evil SM and say that you, Jcksjj, should make your own plans. If SD does come (IF), she's there to see your DH. If SD is a no-show, DH can join you or stay home and relax or pout or...

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"Shes there to see DH"

Funny how one of BMs complaints was that BOTH DH and I "haven't had an active relationship with or supported SD" for a long time now.

Really, b*tch, you're complaining that I don't have a relationship with the kid that hates me out of loyalty to you? And you obviously encouraged that?